A much-longer post detailing our wonderful visit with my parents will be coming shortly.  Until then, I have two things for you. 

I keep looking down at my hands and panicking.  It starts with a quick turn of the stomach, like someone has it in their hands and has just twisted it tightly.  Then the sudden realization; I’m not wearing my ring!  I turned it over to a jeweler a couple of days ago to get it resized.  See, when we were looking for rings, I was convinced that my ring size was an 8.  I based this off the fact that I had tried on some cheap costume jewelry at Dillards that claimed to be a size 8.  Those rings had fit so I thought I was good.  Apparently ring sizing standards differ between costume and fine.  Apparently, my ring size is a 6 however we decided to get it taken in to 6 and 1/4 because of how dehydrated I get in the summer and how that makes my fingers swell a bit.  I get it back on December 5th; I would have received it sooner except for the setting.  The jeweler told me that it would be much better to send it out to their shop rather than have it done in-house as it would be less likely to warp the setting that way.  I can’t wait to get it back!

I made the best “macaroni” (I actually used whole wheat fusili instead) and cheese (sharp Celtic cheddar and goat cheese) for Thanksgiving.  I may actually have to steal a post in Schizodigestive back from Sara and Kip (who are, as always, doing a fabulous job) to post about it.  I’ve been nibbling on it for the past four days and it’s still just as good as when it came out of the oven.