I know I said no more breaks from blogging, but obviously I was lying.

We had happy hour at the Mirage on Thursday night.  Drank too much.  Forgot my coat.  Thankfully, we found a few very helpful people from security who tracked it down for us.  This weekend was mostly for relaxing and recuperating!

We got back into running monday and will do another night of week 2 tonight.  I’m already back into it and really wishing that we could get into the longer runs, but it’s probably best that we’re not rushing into anything. 

Good news!  My parents get here tonight!  I decided to be lazy this Thanksgiving and get it catered.  We decided on take-out from Lucille’s; We’re getting a barbecue platter with baby back and St. Louis-style ribs, barbecued chicken, biscuits and four sides (garlic mashed potatoes, Southern-style sweet potatoes, flame roasted sweet corn and baked beans) and I’ll be doing some asparagus, a tossed salad AND (I know, I know) perhaps some macaroni and cheese.  I found a great recipe that calls for blue cheese and chives which I’m really tempted by.  Dessert will come from Trader Joe’s although I’m not sure what we’ll pick up quite yet. 

More than anything, I’m just glad that they’re coming out to Vegas.  Not that today’s a fabulous day in the valley, it’s overcast and rainy, but it should pick up the next couple of days.  Then again, I love our few-and-far-between rainy days.  They make me think I’m back on the east coast or in Hong Kong.