Another day, another random entry from yours truly!  Sometimes I really wish I was one of those bloggers who had a theme to their writing.  I could write a political blog, a fashion blog… basically anything.  Instead, I present what seems to be a poorly-thought out, mediocre “this is what I did today even though the world doesn’t care” blog with a twist of “blah blah blah wedding blah blah blah colour schemes blah blah blah”.  Fun stuff! 

It’s been a slooooow day at work.  I feel like this must be the calm before the storm.  Either way, it’s nice to have a little bit of downtime.  I’ve spent most of my time watching videos of the universe on youtube, usually narrated and with accompanying lectures.  Next up, art history.  Not starting at the very beginning — unfortunately, I have very little tolerance for fertility statues. 

I’m getting more and more excited about my parents coming out to visit over Thanksgiving.  I’ve always been excited about it, but now it seems like it’s really getting close and there’s so much we can do!

Girl’s night last night was pretty fun, but it turned into a rain check.  The restaurant we went to was having a little opening night gala.  That meant the food and drinks were free.  It also meant that it was packed and they ran out of stuff too quickly for us to snag much.  Crystal did win a gift certificate to the restaurant though so we’re going to go back and give it another shot.  After we left, we wandered around doing some window-shopping for a little bit.  You’ll all be very proud to know that we didn’t even go into the Sephora and MAC stores. 

Right now I’m just really looking forward to the weekend.  I do have to do some cleaning and organizing but I’m looking forward to having some time just to relax.  Do some reading, watch a movie or two, go for a bike ride, finish up week 2 of our running program, do some cooking.  Only one more day until the weekend!