I had a dream about wedding stuff last night.  Who wants to take me out back and shoot me?

Seriously though, I learned a few things from this dream.  I do NOT like pick-up skirts on dresses (or cupcake dresses but we already knew that).  I don’t like tiaras.  I do, however, really like bamboo and think it would look awesome as ceremony and reception decor.  Also, apparently I really like the idea of guests playing croquet, horseshoes and badminton.  Yet more evidence that I was actually born in the wrong time period. 

It looks like I’m going to have to give the table a final touch-up tonight.  I’d thought it was totally dry when I put a few things on it yesterday so we could get the carpets cleaned.  Long story short, a little bit of the paper I’d put on there got stick, leaving a few little white spots on the table.  Lesson learned, we’ve got plenty of paint and we won’t have to get everything off the floor again for a while.  On the other hand, the carpets look unbelievable.  I’m still not thrilled that we had to sign another lease but the free cleaning was a nice perk for getting it done early.  From now on, I think I’m going to rent one every once in a while because having them clean makes such a huge difference. 

I’m looking at courses at our local community college (CSN).  I’m definitely taking two courses next semester.  I figure this might be an easy way to ease back into school.  I might stay at CSN until I’m eligible for in-state tuition at UNLV which should be next summer.  It’s all rather exciting, really. 

We moved onto week 2 of the Couch to 5K program last night.  It was a lovely night for a run.  I’m still really looking forward to getting to run for longer intervals at a time but this is a good start.  At least we’re not coming home and sitting on our computers all night. 

I guess I don’t have much to say today.  I’m going out with Crystal tonight which should be fun.  I haven’t had a girls night since… well, since Omaha, really.  That’s an incredibly long time with just boys for companionship!  Not saying that I don’t love hanging out with Jesse, but… you know.  Other friends are a good thing. 

What’s going on in your lives?  What should I write about?  What should I dream about?  What awesome style-blogs should I check out?  What colours should I do for our bedroom and bathroom?  What’s the last book you read, movie you watched and album you listened to?  (Mine: A History of Knowledge: Past, Present and Future by Charles Van Doren, Sleeper and The Chaos in Order by Let’s Go Sailing.)