The more I look at the table and chairs the more I adore them.  They’re almost too precious, if you know what I mean.  I’m just rather proud of them really, I’ve never followed through with a project like this before.  Now to take what I’ve started and expand it into the rest of the apartment. 

What I really need is a good way to deal with clutter that doesn’t involve getting rid of the couch and chair in the third bedroom.  As much as I’d like to do it, I keep being reminded that it would be really nice to save them for Mike.  For the next seven months.  It just… rubs me the wrong way, really.  We’re paying a decent amount of extra rent for the third bedroom each month and while there is other stuff in there, all of it could fit elsewhere in the apartment.  I’m not particularly thrilled at having to pay more each month for what is essentially a storage room.  I think I’d have much better luck de-cluttering my life if there was an Ikea in Las Vegas.  Seriously, why ISN’T there an Ikea in Las Vegas?  I’m dreaming of Swedish storage systems, only missing a couple of non-essential parts, swooping in and reorganizing our apartment.  As the items drift lazily through mid-air to their proper places, sparrows and deer would have snuck into our apartment a la Disney.  The sparrows, of course, will be singing sweet little songs.  While I’m dreaming?  How about a closet full of Marc Jacobs, J. Crew and Anthropologie, dressage boots and a horse?

Ah well.  I suppose I’ll start with more cleaning and throwing stuff away.  That sounds like the most practical way to about things. 

Other than that, I’m just counting down the days until my parents come visit us for Thanksgiving.  Still haven’t decided what to do for the meal, but I figure we still have a few days to make reservations or place an order.