What did I do with my weekend?  Well, I finally managed to (nearly) finish up the dining room table.  It still needs a layer of sealant but it’s sanded, painted and dry.  I really love the way it turned out.  I think the two shades of blue go together beautifully.  Now, to think of a few more little touches to add.  I do want to break out my serger and whip up some pretty, matching napkins.  Other than that, the top things on my list include getting (or making) a new duvet cover as mine is starting to fall apart, buying new sheets (preferably bamboo) and finally finding a place for all of those little things that like to pile up on the table.  Now that we have a pretty table, I have a feeling that finding it strewn with advertising supplements is REALLY going to irritate me. 

Other than that, we really didn’t do much.  We ran on Friday night and are going to start week 2 tonight.  We ran errands on Saturday morning — I actually managed to find some more of my yarn in my exact dye lot for my Irish Hiking Scarf (it’s really strange since I bought the original two balls over a year ago).  Played video games for a while on Sunday (I know, I know) and made some chili last night. 

Some weekends are just pretty boring.  What else can I tell you?!?