It’s done.  Well, one of them is, at least.  This was probably the easier of the two to write, less involved, less to weave in.  Obviously it still needs work like everything I ever put down on paper needs work.  However, it’s good to have this one out of my head for a little while. 

I’m teaching Jesse how to run now.  We started the couch to 5k program together last night (I’ve done it previously) and I think it went pretty well.  I can’t wait until we get into the later weeks but it was a lot of fun.  It’s good to get back outside, especially now that the nights are so crisp and welcoming.  It’s finally officially fall in Las Vegas, no more 90 degree days!  Of course, this means that I actually have to drag some of my cool-weather clothing out of storage but that’s alright. 

I signed up for benefits today.  Although I heard back from the last person I was told to contact (and got a far more satisfactory answer), it doesn’t look like I can get health insurance backdated.  Right now, I just feel lucky that we’re close to the new year and that I’m generally so healthy.  At least now I know that I’ve got everything squared away and we should be good to go in January — and I know to doublecheck everything with HR and never assume that they’re doing everything right.

The more I read about planning a wedding the more exhausted I am.  There’s so much to do, apparently!  Since we’re not doing anything religious, we’ll have to write out our ceremony, choose readings and music, pick some sort of visual ceremony (maybe sand), create everything fresh.  It’s especially weird knowing that we’ll be doing things long-distance — this makes me even more grateful that I trust my parent’s tastes!  I hope they won’t mind doing a little bit of scouting for us until we can actually take the time to get out to Oregon.  Attendants to ask, colours to choose, vendors to decide on, themes, favours, places (seriously, is it necessary to assign tables?!?)… I’m glad we have a while to wait!

Also, I’m totally embarassed.  Jesse and I just realized last night that, in the craziness of flying out to Michigan, we both totally forgot about our anniversary.  Good thing we actually had a decent dinner that Friday night but I may have to make him a nice steak to make up for it.  How’s that for finishing up your first year together? 

Little things, little things.  One day I’ll have interesting things to write about again, I promise.  Right now I’m  just consumed with work and poetry, working out and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life.  Oh, and attempting to be responsible about all those tedious little things I wish would take care of themselves (see: dusting and re-organizing the apartment).  And trying not to be too disappointed in California (pardon my French, but FUCK YOU Prop 8) and Omaha (okay, I know Jim Esch isn’t perfect ((far from it)) but Lee Terry’s big things, as I see them, are Focus on the Family-esque policies ((‘sup intolerance??)) and ‘no cruising on Dodge’ — WTF?).  Perhaps one day, probably not in my lifetime the way things seem to be going, this country will be composed entirely of a thoughtful, rational, compassionate people.  This is probably me living in a dream world again though!