This will hopefully the last time I ever start a post with “I’m sorry it’s been so long…”

I’m sorry it’s been so long… but admittedly, it’s been hard to come up with anything that might top my last post and I’d hate to disappoint everyone!

Jesse and I spent the weekend in Michigan for my cousin’s wedding.  It was absolutely beautiful!  Good food and wine, lots of dancing, all of the family there and an incredibly happy-looking bride and groom.  Beyond that, it was nice to go back to a state where the trees actually turn colours in the winter!  I’ve been peeking at the palm trees, hoping to find SOMETHING other than green or brown.  Ah well, I guess this just gives me and Jesse even more of an excuse to make it out to West Virginia in the fall one of these days.

More than anything it was SO good to see my parents, aunt and uncle, cousins and family friends again.  I was just realizing that it’s been nearly two years since I’ve seen any family besides my parents and grandmother.  And it’s been since late-February since I’ve seen my parents.  We’re both really excited to have them with us for Thanksgiving, even if Thanksgiving ends up being BBQ from Lucille’s. 

More than anything, I’ve been getting really excited about the wedding!  I must admit, I never thought that this would be something I’d do.  We haven’t decided on too much except the location (Oregon) but even that is more than I thought I’d ever think about.

Anyway, more later.  I just wanted to pop in and say, “Hi!  I’m not dead!  Don’t forget about me!  I’m coming back.”  Our busy time at work is basically over for a few months.  I’m working on a few poems that will hopefully stop fighting me like they’ve been for the last week.  One of these days, I still really have to paint our dining room table yellow. 

So, hi!  What’s going on in your lives?