Oh, you guys!  Dinner on Friday night?  So unbelievably good! 

We were actually a little bit late arriving.  There was a lot of construction on our route that we didn’t know about.  Thankfully, Mon Ami Gabi was gracious enough to postpone our reservation by 15 minutes.  We didn’t end up with patio seating once we arrived but that was JUST fine with us, particularly since it couldn’t have topped 45 degrees that evening.  Our waiter was great, he made sure to hold off on putting our order in so we could have some extra time.  We split a lovely bottle of wine, not too expensive but still very good.  Jesse said that his steak Roquefort was excellent (I didn’t partake, obviously) and I had their thyme-seared salmon over orzo and spinach which was divine.  Expensive?  Yes, a bit, but also very reasonable for the Strip and a lot better than much of what I’ve eaten at the casinos. 

After dinner we wandered across the street to the Bellagio to catch one of their fountain shows.  Unfortunately, it was so windy that they cancelled the show for the night.  There still was one show out there that night though; Jesse asked me to marry him!  It must have been a smash hit as we got quite a bit of applause from passing tourists!  I said yes (duh) and have been happily wearing my ring around ever since.  So, to summarize:  We got engaged in Vegas, in between the fountains and the fake Eiffel tower.  Not a bad deal at all!



I promise I’ll post a picture of it on me once I find (or replace) my camera charger.  My theory is that it grew legs and walked away.  It really does need to be resized some time soon as 8 is apparently not my ring size but for now I’m happily wearing it on my right-hand index finger where it’s more secure. 

No date yet as we want to spend a few years saving up for things and getting settled.  We just know that we REALLY want to get married in either Oregon or Wyoming.  Honestly, it seems so unimportant now.  We know that we’re perfect for each other and are going to have a great life together.  But at the same time we really do want to be able to throw a great party for our nearest and dearest.  So you might not hear many wedding plans for a while but trust me, we are thinking about it!

We did have a nice rest of the weekend as well.  We went to a Ren fair on Saturday to see one of our friends fight in his guild’s national championships.  I also bought a corset which I’ve been wanting since high school (peach silk brocade, organic fabric and I got laced into a 22″ waist) so I’m pretty thrilled about that.  Bought plane tickets (REALLY expensive so that stung a little bit) for my cousin’s wedding on Sunday. 

All in all?  Perfect.  Totally perfect.