It needed to be done.  It really did.  The closet was threatening to revolt, attempt to overthrow its government and start a new world.  I did what I had to do — I reorganized it.  That is a big part of what I did with my weekend.  The way we had it set up didn’t really make any sense so I basically flipflopped our clothes (OMG I’m a fashion politician!) which works much better.  That led to a full-out cleaning binge culminating in our room being reorganized and looking spotless. 

I’ll admit it — I have way too many clothes.  I’ve actually gone through and found a bunch to give away but it doesn’t make a huge dent.  The problem is that I LIKE being a fashion chameleon and even the pieces I don’t wear often are beautiful and mean something to me.  Thank God Jesse doesn’t mind that I’ve taken over more than my half of the closet and am using the third bedroom’s closet to store all of my dresses.  What we really need is a new chest of drawers.  Claudia, one of our co-workers, has offered to take us to this area of town with amazingly cheap, good-quality furniture and I think we’ll have to take her up on that sometime. 

I don’t really mind cleaning, I really don’t.  I like scrubbing down the stove, microwave and kitchen counters.  I like it when the sinks and mirrors are spotless.  I actually enjoy doing laundry (folding it is another matter but I’m getting better) and only sort of mind doing the dishes.  What I do mind is fitting in cleaning with work, trying to work out, trying to improve my mind and occasionally eating a little bit of food.  For all the work I did this weekend, there are still things that need to be dusted, I didn’t vacuum the couch and I really ought to mop the kitchen floor sometime this week.  Sometimes I just look at our apartment and get so unbelievably depressed.  There’s a big dent in the middle of the couch.  Nothing really matches — it’s like we’re all college students.  We still have too many books (well, not really) even after getting a new bookshelf. 

One day when I am rich?  I will have rooms full of built-in floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, complete with one of those rolling ladders.  I lust after this couch and similar styles.  And I will always make sure that my rooms are as dust-free as possible. 

Dreams, right?  A girl can have them. 

Also, to celebrate the pointlessness of the last two weekends, Jesse and I are splurging this weekend on a lovely meal and night out which I am very excited about.  Drinks, dinner and a chance to dress up.  What girl could resist?