I thought we were doomed to either buying all new towels or smelling of mildew for the next few years.  Somehow a load of towels got left in the washer.  I’m not actually sure how long they got left in the washer but it must have been at least two days.  I know, I know.  I’m hanging my head in shame, I promise.  But a combination of colourfast bleach and a TON of baking soda (I think it’s baking soda — isn’t that what comes in the orange box?) seems to have done the trick.  Now I can keep feeling disgusting about letting towels get mildewed in the first place but relieved that I don’t have to buy new ones. 

Other stuff:

– Going to my cousin’s wedding in early November.  I still need to book our flights (Spirit airlines has a direct flight from Las Vegas to Detroit) and buy a present (maybe two).  What’s sort of funny is that Jesse and I will be flying out to her wedding on what we have determined to be our anniversay (neither of us can remember the exact date but know it was sometime in late October so we’ve decided to claim Halloween — it makes for better parties). 

– I am apparently half magpie.  I’ve been stalking “sparklies” on eBay for the last few weeks.  Haven’t bought anything yet but am currently madly in love with this.  It makes me think of Frank Lloyd Wright.  It’ll probably be bid up way past anything I would think of spending but hey!  A girl can dream, right?

– Busy at work.  Isn’t that the story of my life?  We did get let out early last Friday to go bowling as a team though.  That was a lot of fun!  I wish we did that more often.  I do think that now I’m going to make more of an effort to go to Underwriting’s girl’s nights. 

– MY HAIR IS CUTE.  I didn’t do much, just had her chop of two inches and add some subtle layering in the bottom inch and a half.  I’m still growing out the bangs.  I did get a lovely shade of rich, dark brown put in.  As soon as I find my camera charger, I’ll post a picture.  There’ll be plenty of time for me to chop my hair off in my life.  Right now is not the time, I don’t think.  I mean really… autumn is such a lovely time to have long hair. 

That’s all, folks!  We still need to put the bloody bookshelf together but the apartment is a lot cleaner.  Other than that, I’m enjoying the new season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and am lusting after a Nintendo DS Lite for all the brain training games.  Might have to get one this weekend!