Sometimes you just need to make a list of this, yes? Let’s call it a reality check.

  • I have a good job.  It’s not perfect but in today’s economy, I feel pretty lucky.
  • I get to date my best friend.  He adores me.  I adore him.  We teach each other things.  We laugh ALL THE TIME.
  • I have an amazing family, both biological and chosen.  I am blessed to know so many smart, compassionate, interesting, passionate people.
  • I live in an area of the country that I love and have amazing travel opportunities right in my back yard.
  • I’m talented.  I can pick up all sorts of hobbies that interest me and keep me occupied.  I’m also a little bit arrogant.  ;)
  • I’m open to change and advice from others.
  • I make friends easily and have good friends.  While we’re not as close as we could be, this can still be fixed.
  • I am not a miserable human being. 

Guys?  These are some pretty awesome things. 

Jesse, Mike and I went out to dinner at PF Chang’s last night which was SO GOOD.  Talked about some stuff, got away from the apartment.  I think we needed this a little bit.  My wonderful mom sent us an amazing box of books from Omaha’s library book sale.  I haven’t devoured my new Anne Perry murder mystery yet though; I’m trying to save it for the perfect occasion!  Jesse actually bought us a new bookshelf last weekend so once we put it together we should have space for (nearly) all of our books.  I also lost the war on whether or not we’d have cable in the apartment.  It was installed… two nights ago, I think?  So far I’ve only watched a bit of an Animal Planet special on lionesses but am looking forward to the next season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  This weekend I’m getting my hair cut and coloured at the Aveda Institute in town.  It’s a lot cheaper and everyone I know who’s gone there has raved about how good the students are.  I’m definitely not chopping it all the way off yet (if there’s going to be a wedding this autumn I don’t want to learn how to style a pixie cut to match a cocktail dress) but I’m excited.  I need a change.