Did you miss me? Huh? Because I missed you.

We’ve been doing a lot of stuff since my last update! We went down to Mojave National Preserve for labour day weekend — this included a trip down Zyzyx road and into Baker where we visited the Alien Fresh Jerky store (mostly for the kitsch value). I got rid of a region at work and my life is much more manageable now. We’ve eaten what might be metric tons of frozen yogurt from U-Swirl which is definitely my latest obsession. It’s a great local yogurt place where you get a cup and pour out however much you want, paying by the ounce. You could get one flavour or you could get six at once. You could have every sort of candy in the world on top of it. I always get a swirl of tart and mango tart, occasionally with a tiny bit of either lemon, Hawaiian punch (don’t laugh! It’s much better than the awful drink form) or green tea. Then I’m off to the fresh fruit for either mango or raspberries on top. My big confession: sometimes I put gummy bears and Fruity Pebbles on top. The five-year old in me delights at what appears to be an exploded rainbow in my cup. We started on the next season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia which has definitely become one of my favourite things that has ever been on television.

This weekend we’re going to see Jeremy’s band play at the Freakin’ Frog, a bar that I actually went to when I came out to Vegas over spring break a few years back. I’ve wanted to go back but needed an excuse to go since I’m really not a big bar fan. We’re also going to go see Burn After Reading and hopefully get the dining room table sanded down. Oh, and do a little bit of hiking up at Mt. Charleston, hopefully!

Now, here’s what I really came back to share: pictures from Mojave!

Mojave National Preserve includes one of the largest Joshua Tree forests in the world. I think Joshua Trees are so incredibly cool looking.

One of the old abandoned railroad tracks — they’d turned the old depot into a visitor’s center.

This was what we were surrounded by on our first hike. It was actually rather otherworldly.

Down the Zyzyx road. A couple of hundred feet up three mountain goats would bound across the road. I would have gotten a picture but those things are NASTY.

Down at the Kelso sand dunes. When Jesse told me he hadn’t seen dunes I knew we HAD to go. Oh, but really? Don’t try to go climbing over dunes in the afternoon when it’s in the hundreds.

Here’s a fun little bit of kitsch from Baker.