It’s been a long time. My oft-used defense is that we’re implementing some big changes at work. I am totally overwhelmed by three regions and am working to get one of them taken away or at least split in half.

I’ve been writing more (and by more, I mean two new poems, but it’s progress and I think I can keep it up). Tossing the idea of a mixed-media compilation around, photography, poetry, scraps of stories and the like. I wish I thought I could get it published. One day, perhaps.

Rediscovering the freedom of being on a bike. Jumping into the pool after work, there’s nothing better than slipping under the cool water and being washed clean. The mornings are getting cooler, the high 80’s feel crisp. Soon it will be jacket weather, at least for me. We need to paint the table yellow before winter comes — I want to trap the sun inside. There are things that I wish we were not dealing with but really, within the confines of us, everything is beautiful.

Tell me things? Tell me what to write.