I’ve meant to write this post all day but have been trying to untangle this hellish situation at work for the majority of the day. Basically, it started before I took over this region. It is mostly our fault but we’re still not going to be able to correct. And it really sucks because this is one of my few super-nice agents. Ugh.

This weekend, Jesse and I discovered that we actually moved to Western Colorado! We drove out to Mt. Charleston and hiked up around Robber’s Roost. This is definitely going to be a place to go back to over and over. Until I have more to say here, I have pictures! The whole album is located here in my flickr account.


First we were in the desert.


There were Joshua trees!


Then we were in an alpine forest.


I really wanted to climb up and through that clearing. We saved that for another day.


We climbed up. And up. And up.


Apparently robbers used to hide up in these caves that were carved out by water. It was beautiful, absolutely unbelievable.

And one of my favourite things — those tiny wisps of clouds hanging delicately in the sky.

I can’t wait until we get to go camping up here! They’ve got a few campsites and it’s supposed to be a good place for beginners.

The end.