These were our dining room chairs.  Can we just agree that I was not lying when I said they were hideous?  Besides the fact that they’re something I would never, in a million years, pick out for myself, these chairs are BUSTED.  Yes, of course it is lovely to receive something from a well-meaning coworker but… I just couldn’t like them.  The first day that the movers brought them into our apartment?  I wanted to take them out to the dump and pretend they had never arrived.  I didn’t only because we needed a table and chairs and buying something to our tastes would have been too expensive. 

Anyway, here’s a sneak preview of the chairs.  We’re still working on the pads and new seat-covers so it’s only the frame.  And I know that the colour won’t be to everyone’s tastes but it works for us.  Especially for me as the whole look is very Anthropologie. 

Honestly, most of our weekend was taken up by the chairs and that was a-okay with me.  We did do a bit of cleaning and re-organizing — I started… pulling clothes to give away/throw away.  I don’t know why doing that is so hard but it does need to be done. 



IMG_0109.JPG IMG_0108.JPG

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We’ve had some of the most amazing sunsets lately so I thought I’d try to share these with everyone. Clicking on the photos will open up a larger version of the image.

Last pictures! A few weeks ago Jesse and I went to hang out with the kitties that a local rescue keeps at PetsMart. I wanted to see what their setup was like as I’d like to volunteer with them at some point. Mostly though, we just wanted to see kitties since we really want to get at least one one of these days. These were the two we fell in love with.

The first one is Fritz, a four or five month old kitten. The second one is Nibbler who I believe was about two years old. They were both absolutely adorable and lovely and we wanted to take both of them home that day. We didn’t, of course, but one day. There will always be adorable kitties.