Here’s my basic write-up of our weekend. 

We didn’t see Dark Knight again (although Jesse, Mike and I had planned to see it last night).  We didn’t go hiking.  We didn’t play tennis or basketball.  I didn’t update Schizodigestive (or this blog).  I didn’t do any cooking to make bento making easier.  I didn’t make a bento this morning.  We didn’t do any thinking about the redecorating that we’d like to do in the apartment. 

Here’s what we did do.  We cleaned and reorganized the third bedroom.  We went through the kitchen and put a lot of the extra stuff in storage.  We watched some Kids In the Hall.  We made a lot of lists.  We talked.  A lot.  All three of us went to Sunrise on Sunday — I think we’ve finally become “regulars” there.  The rest?  I can’t really remember.  I know I did some reading.  I know we spent some time out by the hot tub. 

I know this probably sounds a little bit distant.  You all know where to find me ( just in case it’s needed).