I thought some of you might get a kick out of this. 

According to one of my agents, my work is UNACCEPTABLE.  That’s a little bit like not living up to potential, right?  Story of my life. 

The funny part is that this agent requested changes to a renewal quote at 1:50 this afternoon, about 10 minutes after I left for lunch.  At 2:13 THEY CALLED ONE OF MY UNDERWRITERS TO COMPLAIN.  Yes, a 23 minute wait for an endorsement (which was to be applied to a policy renewing on October 1st — trust me when I say that there is NO hurry for this one) was UNACCEPTABLE. 

Honestly, my agents are frequently so dumb it is funny.  Either that or I just have to laugh at them to avoid getting extremely angry.

p.s. The other day I had to tell an agent that our underwriting guidelines do not include writing two specific class codes that she wanted to add.  Apparently she thought that demanding I transfer her to someone with “authority” would get her a different answer.  It brought such joy to my heart to hear my underwriter tell her that she’d already gotten the only answer available.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND right after all of this?  I got a call from one of my agents.  My heart jumped a bit as I’d actually had to be a bit harsh with him (I’d had to tell him that if we didn’t get a certain document extremely soon, he risked non-renewal).  Instead, he was calling to check that I’d received his email with the document (I had) and wanted to make sure that nothing else was required.  He was seriously nice and at the end wishes me a “fabulous weekend”.  It’s good to know I have at least one awesome person as an agent.