Good morning, universe!  I have one teeny tiny little question for you.  What is WITH the attitude today, huh? 

This weekend I rediscovered my curls.  All this weekend, I had gorgeous curls that looked like I’d spent the day at the ocean, slightly rope-y and pieced out but perfect.  It made me want to keep all of my hair and keep growing it in hopes of being a modern-day Rapunzel one day.  This morning?  Woke up with a HUUUUUUUUGE rats’ nest.  I honestly can’t remember ever having a tangle like this in my life.  I’m still fingering at it, trying to loosen up the knots, but I’m at the point where shaving my head almost sounds like a decent idea. 

Also, 98% of my agents are being awful, horrible people.  I spent a lot of Friday and this morning sending out notices that we’re missing pieces of information that we have to have.  I will admit that it is an imperfect system.  The problem with trying to be a truely paperless office is that our system DOES make mistakes.  It was created by humans who are nothing if not imperfect, therefore our system is imperfect.  Sometimes things don’t make it to our scanning and attaching department.  Sometimes they don’t manage to attach things correctly — I might get four copies of the exact same document, a form might get attached to the wrong policy or it might just disappear into the black hole.  Hi, agents.  I’m just a lowly minion who IS REQUIRED TO HAVE THIS INFORMATION.  If I am asking you for something, it is because it is neither attached to the policy nor in my inbox, waiting for me to upload it.  That is ALL I have access to.  If you tell me that you e-mailed it to someone else, I will send them a note to check and see if they have it and forgot to upload it, but otherwise?  PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP ARGUING WITH ME AND SEND IT IN.  I can’t just waive the requirement.  As much as I would LOVE *insert sarcasm waterfall* to just say “oh, you say you already sent in your application?  Well, even though I don’t have a copy of it, OF COURSE I believe you.  I’ll just risk my job so you don’t have to send something in for what may be the second time.”  HERE’S A NOTE FOR ALL OF YOU.  In the time you spend typing out that passive-aggressive reply, you could have e-mailed me the required form AT LEAST FOUR TIMES.  Oh, and also?  I hate you.  I don’t usually hate you, but thanks to one of your colleagues who has been nothing but a pain in my ass, I hate all of you.  I hate you all because of Ms. B. N.  who saw fit to demand that I go back and revisit Florida state requirements for excluded officers (California state rules are the only ones I’m required to know or understand — just because she happens to be licensed for and writing out of state business does not mean that is my area of knowledge — even the CA UNDERWRITERS don’t know Florida rules).  Of course, right after she did her whole little loaded “I’m better than you” thing, she gave me the answer I needed to my question.  But of COURSE the poor dear needed to prove her superiority before she did that.  My next run-in with her (20 MINUTES LATER) started with her saying “I suggest you attempt to contact [previous UA] about this as I submitted this months ago.”  Yeah, guess what?  He doesn’t have it either.  Now I get to deal with more of her attitude.  I’m really grateful she doesn’t write more business at this point

Then I found out that Jesse and I are going to have to spend at least part of our lunch hour back at the apartment waiting for the movers.  See, back when they delivered the couch, chair and dining set that one of Jesse’s co-workers gave us, they managed to not bring two of the couch cushions.  This was fine with me given that I think the couch is the most hideous thing I have ever seen in my entire life.  Anyway, they said that they would show up at some point.  Apparently, some point is today and they only let us know about two hours before they wanted to show up.  They had to have known before this as they actually brought the cushions from Omaha so I’m a little peeved that we didn’t find out they were coming until today.  What if we’d had plans?  What if Jesse had had a training session?  What if I’d been scheduled for a meeting?  It’s just completely unprofessional.  I’m glad that after this we won’t have to deal with them again. 

Hopefully everything will calm down at work by the end of this week although I’m not going to hold my breath for that.  We’re heading up to our second busiest renewal day of the year, only topped by New Years renewals.  While I’m no longer drowning, I am expecting a tsunami in the next couple of days. 

I’m looking forward to:

  • Seeing The Dark Knight again.  Jesse and I went to see it on Saturday night (OMG IT WAS AWESOME) but really want to see it at the iMax theatre.
  • Making bento again.  I’ve been really bad about doing it and need to get back on track.  I’ll have to do some cooking and freezing but I’m thinking that will be a nice distraction from thinking about work.
  • Updating Schizodigestive.  I feel as though I’ve been a touch underrepresented on that blog.
  • Going hiking.  We’re thinking of doing one of the Mt. Charleston trails this weekend.

That’s all, folks!  At least, that’s all that I have time for right now!

p.s. Just to continue with the “my agents are not nice people” theme, here’s an e-mail that I just got from one of my agents that I need something from. 

“Alicia – Here is the signed application for the third time.  Please stop requesting information you already have.”

Here’s the kicker.  He has sent me the application signed ONLY by him three times.  What I’ve been telling him I need?  A copy that also includes the APPLICANT’S signature.  Seriously.  Would you look at an application with room for both the producer and applicant’s signature and send it in with only one of those?  Especially without the signature of the person applying for workers’ comp insurance? 

Yeah, I didn’t think so.  You’re all too intelligent for that.  Would you all be my agents?  Please?