There’s much to do and less time to do it in here at the office so I’m going to have to keep this entry short.  A longer, more detailed weekend wrap-up (with pictures!) will come later.

  • The new camera?  AMAZING.  Like, absolutely incredible.  I’ve mastered the art of using the preset modes and am planning on curling up with the instructional booklet tonight or tomorrow night to figure out just how much manual control I get to have.  It takes BRILLIANT pictures.  I know people always say that anything over 8mp is unnecessary for amateur photographers, but I really do see a difference in my shots. 
  • The cupcakes were fabulous although I don’t want to be around that much sugar again for a while.  I made the lime version of this recipe although I made a buttercream frosting instead as I didn’t have any cream cheese.  I lightly tinted it green and squeezed some key lime juice into the frosting.  The strawberry ones were the same vanilla cake recipe and had buttercream frosting with strawberry extract added.  Apparently they were a hit. 
  •  The barbecue was wayyyyy too much fun.  Not too many pictures from it just because of general debauchery, but trust me.  There was tons of food and lots of drinks and most of us spent a lot of it in the pool. 
  • Jesse and I went to Adventuredome yesterday which was also fun.  Hooray for indoor roller coasters and log rides!  Now I know we’re going to have to hit the parks in California sometime.  I’m thinking we might wait until mid-fall to early-winter and take maybe two days off from work.  I mean, Jesse’s never been to Disneyland!  I have to rectify this. 
  • Personal-training tonight.  I’m sure Marco, my trainer, managed to come up with more evil things to add to my routine.  Pull ups are not enough!