What I just did may be retail therapy at its’ finest. 

Remember my post about how you didn’t get to see my bento because my camera died?  I’d kept my fingers crossed that it only died a temporary death.  I was wrong.  This was the real thing, complete with violent twitching and that awful death rattle.  To be fair, it was old.  It was at least four years old.  I took it EVERYWHERE for much of those four years.  I’ve taken thousands on pictures on it.  It was also a 3mp camera — yes, you heard me right, 3mp — which totally explains why my pictures were starting to look really blurry and soft to me.  I’d been spoiled by getting to play with my friend’s cameras. 

Now, I know I could have waited.  Maybe I should have.  Who knows.  But I know that Jesse and I have a lot of outings and miniature trips planned.  I also know that those trips are going to be pretty pointless and depressing for me without a camera.  So today, after some useless help from Yahoo Answers and some great help from LiveJournal’s very own thequestionclub, I bought one, taking advantage of a holiday sale price at Amazon.  I went for Canon’s PowerShot SD950 and it should be here tomorrow.  I can’t wait!  One of these days I’ll actually upgrade to a DSLR and actually spend the time to learn how to play with it but for now a complicated point and shoot should suit me just fine.