After waiting what seemed like forever, I’ve been hired on permanently at my job!  No more temporary status!  It’s a little irritating that it’s only happening now as I saw all the paperwork, my boss had actually put the request in way back in June when our HR representative should have still been working.  For whatever reason, she just didn’t manage to process it.  C’est la vie!  To top it all off, I’ve been given another (busier) region along with the first two I was assigned.  I guess it’s a vote of confidence — they probably wouldn’t be giving me even more work if I wasn’t doing well with the amount I had previously.  Still, it was a bit nerve-wracking to watch my task queue jump from 45 all the way up 540! 

Not too much else is going on here.  I had my first personal training session last night which led to a lot of “OMG why is my body so WEIRD and AWFUL?” but my trainer was actually really good.  He agreed that there was no reason for me to have to actually know my actual weight — we’ll work on measurements and the way my clothes fit.  He started last night by working on my upper body routine — assisted pull-ups working towards real ones, a lot of back and shoulder work (which I love, especially as I have so much trouble with my back) and some chest work.  He’s letting me keep my arm routine as he felt that was well-structured.  I see him again on Monday and will have one more visit with him this month.  After that I get one free session a month as part of my membership. 

Jesse and I will probably be getting off early Thursday and have Friday off and are thinking of going to a BBQ that some friends are throwing.  Me being me, I’m planning on making cupcakes.  I’m thinking vanilla cupcakes with strawberry frosting and key lime cupcakes, probably filled (either with key lime curd or raspberry jam) and with key lime frosting.  I’ve also developed an unholy obsession with cake decorating and am desperate to try a marshmallow fondant recipe that I found — now I just need someone to bake a cake for! 

Back to the grind.  I’ve only got 10 more minutes up here in the Arctic (seriously, the air conditioning in here is crazy) before I head out into the 108 degree weather.  Really, it’s not that bad unless we forget to put the shades in my car windows!  Then, watch out hands!  You’re getting some minor burns!