This is going to be a relatively scattered post so I hope you will all forgive me.  I can’t quite seem to get myself focused on one particular thing today. 

I would post a picture of today’s bento but my camera died this morning.  I’m hoping it was just a temporary death and that I’ll be able to upload a shot of it later, but if not I’m going to have to get a new one — just a simple point-and-shoot but one nonetheless.  I don’t know what I would do without a camera!  It’s a pity, really, because today’s bento is really cute!  I’m using my pink polka dotted two-tier bento.  The larger compartment has a bed of alfalfa sprouts topped with my first attempt at Vietnamese-style summer rolls.  I soaked a round rice paper wrapper in warm water until it was soft and pliable then laid it out on a tea towel.  Then, I put in a layer of arugula, some shredded bok choy and shredded carrot.  Then I added five little shrimp (I bought a bag of pre-cooked frozen shrimp at Albertson’s the other week, just to see if it would make bento-making easier — so far, my answer is YES) and sprinkled some toasted sesame seeds on top.  I pulled the bottom layer over the filling, tucked in the sides, and rolled the whole thing up, wetting the edge of the rice paper to form a tight seal.  It looks fabulous and is certainly cheaper than buying summer rolls at Whole Foods (especially as they sell them with peanut rather than sweet chili sauce).  I added a little piggie full of sweet chili sauce and a few grape tomatoes to fill the gaps.  The smaller compartment has two tiny heart-shaped silicone cups — one filled with bits of grilled green bell pepper, the other with two more grape tomatoes.  In the middle, I have a base of wasabi-flavoured senbei — Japanese rice crackers — topped off with sakura-shaped cucumber slices.  I have a feeling that I’ll probably want to run into Whole Foods and get some miso soup to go along with it.  I really need to experiment with packing my own miso soup.  I found an interesting idea online, actually — apparently you tuck the dashi granules inside a ball of miso and add bits of wakame, spinach or whatever green you like and roll it all up inside cling wrap.  Then you pack a small container with chopped tofu.  Then, all you need to do is add the miso ball and tofu to a cup of hot water and you’re good to go.  Definitely going to have to try that!

New subject.  This weekend I discovered that what Jesse and I have is, in fact, Twue Wuv (not to be confused with true love, love, like, lust or any other registered trademark).  I say this because this weekend we shared possibly the most disgusting experience EVER and really, it’s just not love until you dispose of a corpse together!  … I probably shouldn’t write things like that without a little bit more explanation.  Anyway, does anyone reading remember our MOUSE?  I really hope I actually managed to post about it at some point otherwise I’m going to feel really stupid.  A few weeks ago, we saw a mouse racing across our kitchen floor and near our dryer.  We only saw the one and only three times at the most.  Even so, we put out traps and crossed our fingers.  Days went by, then weeks.  We never saw it again.  We never even saw droppings which would have alerted me to the fact that it had stuck around.  We figured it crawled back outside and our problem had disappeared.  Then we started noticing the smell.  After trying to solve it with Febreze we realized there was probably a problem so on Saturday Jesse and I decided that we really needed to move the washer and dryer to check if the smell was coming from there.  Long story short, it was.  We moved the dryer and discovered a very dead, very smelly, decaying mouse.  To my credit, I didn’t shriek until Jesse freaked out and said “oh God, it’s stuck to the floor”.  He managed to get the actual corpse into a plastic bag and ran it outside to the dumpster while I held my muttered curses in every language I could think of, held my breath and scrubbed at the floor and the… leavings with Lysol.  Finally the smell started to dissipate and we could retreat for a long, well-deserved nap. 

Other than that, our weekend was pretty quiet and relaxing.  I think we both needed a bit of a break — we’ve been swearing we’d take a weekend off and relax for over a month now so this was long overdue.  We spent some time out by the pool, did some cleaning, played video games, read, listened to a lot of music and finally managed to watch Taste of Cherry.  It had to be one of the most beautiful movies I’ve ever seen.  It’s really renewed my desire to go through and watch most of The Criterion Collection, especially if I can count on quality like this.  It’s also rekindled my desire to go to Iran one day. 

I thought I had a lot to say in this but it turns out that I’m just too tired.  Tonight we have our personal training appointments (we had to reschedule as we got to the gym on Friday only to figure out that I’d forgotten my shoes — I know, I know, lame) which I’m excited for.  The rest of the week should be a lot slower and less stressful than last week.  Then, next weekend Jesse and I were talking about going to the Adventuredome or maybe a water park and possibly going to see the fountains at The Bellagio (we still haven’t celebrated either my getting my job or being told that I’m definitely going permanent).  Hopefully I’ll have something more interesting to post at a later date!