Things are about to get extremely busy at work for a little while so updates may be scarce for the next week or so.  I’ll always try to at least post my bento for all of you. 


Today I have another simple, leftover-driven bento.  The smaller compartment has sushi rice leftover from Friday night’s dinner.  I popped it in the microwave with some frozen edamame and furikake and topped it with yellow bell pepper bits.  The larger compartment has a hidden bed of spinach and arugula, a dollop of sundried tomato hummus and grape tomatoes and snow peas for dipping.  I think  will probably slip over to Whole Foods for a squid salad for some additional protein. 

Jesse and I got back to the gym last night and oh!  did it ever feel amazing!  I feel like we’re both making quite a lot of progress towards out respective goals.  We also booked personal training appointments for Friday.  I hope I got assigned to someone who’s really going to kick my butt.  I know I’m actually in quite good shape but would like to make some serious improvements and would like to start training for a half marathon this year. 

Other than that, this week is mostly full of work (hooray, renewals!) and attempting to master the sestina.  That form is my nemesis; I adore it in theory but am constantly frustrated with my attempts.  One day I will get it.