Hey Sara!  You refreshing? 

I’ve been really frustrated the last couple of days.  Long story short, it turns out I was totally mislead during my new employee orientation.  I had made a point of asking if I was eligible for PTO, even as a temp, and was assured that I was.  Apparently, that was false.  I should have been prepared for that but silly me decided to trust someone who worked in HR.  Tracking down that answer took far longer than I’d expected as well as the HR person who’d told me this was in the process of leaving and seemed to leave quite a few people in the lurch (this is the same woman who never actually told me I was hired — she just told Jesse to tell me to come in on Monday for my first day when he mentioned the Friday before that I’d never gotten a call or an answer).  Anyway, lots of stress but it’s over.  I can’t take PTO but I didn’t really want to have to anyway.  I’d also been worried because I hadn’t heard anything else about being hired on permanently — now I’m not as my boss pulled me aside today to say that he was sorry it was taking so long but having the HR person leave caused a bit of a delay but it should be happening very soon.  Now if I could just get rid of this agent that I absolutely DO NOT LIKE, I’d be golden. 

Jesse and I skipped the gym last night in favour of getting the third bedroom ready for his mother’s visit.  Now we just have to check and make sure that the airbed isn’t randomly deflating.  Well, that and clean out my car.  It shouldn’t take too long but I would like to get all of the water bottles out of the back seat.  Thankfully, tonight we get to get back to the gym and the sauna.  I’m looking forward to a nice run. 

I promise that one of these days I will post something at Schizodigestive — lately I’ve been to caught up in my writing and working on my poetry.  I’m thinking it will have a lot to do with the dinner party we’re having this weekend.  I still haven’t quite figured out the menu but I’m thinking of grilled salmon with a citrus glaze of some sort, possibly pomegranate and orange.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with that but I’ll figure something out.  I sort of wish I had my mom’s recipe for bulgar salad right about now.  Either way, keep checking back.