I think at this point that I hardly need to mention how much I actually enjoy packing my own lunch.  It’s almost funny, really.  Back when my conception of a packed lunch was still closer to the whole primary school idea of a sandwich, chips, carrot sticks and maybe applesauce, it was ever-so-tedious and unappealing.  It made me want to act like a seven year old and throw out the parts that I didn’t like, usually leaving me with applesauce.  That or run across the street to Whole Foods and buy something overpriced and not entirely safe (they drown everything in olive oil which I know is healthy but still always makes me feel sick).  Now that I’ve finally figured out that packed lunches can be almost elegant, I find myself thinking of little things that I want to cook up and freeze, new presentation methods, all things to make a brought lunch seem more indulgent.

Now that I’m mostly through with my babbling, here’s today’s bento.  I got up this morning to fix Jesse some yaki-soba noodles in red curry sauce for his bento and decided that I’d thaw and boil a few of my salmon, edamame and spinach gyoza.  There are fresh spinach leaves between them because they stick like crazy (well, that and the fact that I like raw spinach) and a gyoza sauce piggie.  The second compartment has half an avocado with a spoonful of peppery cannelini bean spread in the center on a bed of alfalfa sprouts and microgreens.  Then there are mini pita quarters and blackberries. 

Our weekend was pretty uneventful.  I took my car in to get an estimate — not great, but after talking to the estimator, I feel like I was pretty lucky.  Given where the cosmetic damage is, it’s surprising that nothing inside got really screwed up.  Part of the radiator support has to be replaced and the front left light will have to be replaced but other than that, it’s all just cosmetic. 

Other than that, the main thing we did was clean the second bathroom (read: not ours — I happen to deep clean and mop ours at least once a week).  It, uh, well, it smelled.  Like I thought there was something wrong with the vent in the hallway every time I had to go into the third bedroom which is right next to the bathroom.  Ugh.  It took way longer than cleaning an apartment-sized bathroom ever ought to take.  Honestly, I know it’s petty to even write about this, but wow.  Just looking at it made both of us sort of hysterical and required occasional Samurai Warriors breaks so we could calm down by slaughtering Japanese soldiers.  After deciding that we’d just tackle the bathroom-from-hell, we figured we might as well continue down that path and reorganize the rest of the apartment.  It looks a lot better but there’s definitely still work to be done.

Other than that, we spent most of our time splashing around and playing frisbee out by the pool and at the gym.  We’ve actually been really good about going to the gym since we bought our memberships, spending about two hours there at each stretch.  I’ve gotten really into running again, especially now that I’ve discovered the Trek-Mill and our indoor track — it is a little bit too hot to run outside right now — and really, there’s nothing better than a good run after eight hours of sitting in front of a computer.  My foot’s still doing that numb-thing off and on but considering that it keeps getting better, I’m not going to try to race off to a doctor before the weekend.  I will definitely go at some point but right now I just don’t have time to worry about it if it isn’t constant.

I have a feeling that the next few days are going to be extremely busy so if I’m not around as much or am less wordy, that’s why.  Jan arrives on friday and I still need to get the third bedroom organized and ready for her.  I need to do a bit of cooking and freezing for bento.  I’d like to watch at least one Criterion Collection DVD for my mission 101 list.  I have a lot of writing to do.  Work’s getting weirdly busy for some reason.  I’m trying to figure out how I can take next Monday off but the website doesn’t show that I have any PTO and no one answers my questions and I didn’t really want all of this stress today.  This was all supposed to be easy.  Oh, and there’s lots of working out to do.  Guys, this is my life!