Oh, for a bento that makes me feel virtuous on a day that I woke up feeling like a beached whale.  I always forget that the first few days of hardcore workouts always make me feel humongously fat (although when I feel like being rational I know I am being ridiculous).  No matter how much I learn about health and fitness, I’ve never figured out why that happens to me so I just have to find ways to stay sane at the beginning.  Here’s my attempt at a bright, cheery bento that won’t make me feel like a pig. 

Today I decided to work on a monotone theme.  I have two plums (trying to finish them up before they go soft), three frozen strawberries which should be thawed by lunch and a bunch of cherry tomatoes and red bell pepper strips.  Not the cutest bento I’ve ever made but I do love the colours. 

That’s my day today.  I’m busy at work (thankfully!  I hate days where I don’t feel like I get enough done — makes me feel as though I haven’t earned my keep).  I feel like a blob and I really wish I could spend the whole day at the gym to counter this.  I should have made the bed this morning.  Scratch that; I should have made the bed and tidied our room this morning.  I don’t really know what I want out of today except I know I want to do some writing and yet, I’m stuck.  C’est la vie.