I have my own task queue at work!  Oh God, I love the smell of responsibility in the morning!  Honestly, I love not having to float through three or four different task queues and try to field questions that I have no answers too as I’ve never seen the policy before.  Still no definite news on being hired on permanently but really, I don’t think they’d give me my own task queue and tell agents that I was their new contact if it wasn’t going to happen.  There’s so much going on in the office rightnow that I’m sure they’ll get to it eventually and I can talk to my boss in about a week if I haven’t heard anything. 

I had a lot of fun making my bento today!  Yes, I know there’s a little bit of blank space below my avocado.  I didn’t notice until I took the picture and by that time I really had to go get dressed.  Anyway, I still think it’s cute and even better, it’s vegan and making me very hungry just to look at it!  The top compartment has more riceless sushi rolls (peppery cannellini spread, spinach, microgreens, alfalfa sprouts, cilantro, shredded carrot and red cabbage, red bell pepper and snow peas) topped with sesame seeds and a red bell pepper ring.  The bottom compartment has about a third of an avocado with lime juice and sea salt, more microgreens and halved red bell pepper rings.  Both compartments include a few cherry tomatoes to fill the gaps.  At some point this week, I’m actually going to have to cook up a batch of something (tuna patties?  crispy black bean cakes?  baked falafel?) that will freeze well so I can have something new in my bentos but for now this is making me very happy. 

We didn’t go to the gym last night and it’s all my fault.  Seriously though, the top of my left foot was numb, almost like it had fallen asleep but not exactly.  Actually, it’s still a little bit numb this morning but better than it was.  I drank a ton of water and even some Gatorade (which I hate) in case it was a dehydration/electrolyte issue — I always seem to get dehydrated a lot faster than most people and it hasn’t gotten better since moving to the desert, to say the least.  I tried walking around a lot, dunking it both in the pool and the hot tub, massaging it, keeping it raised above my heart (no idea if that’s the right thing to do), everything really.  And of course, my head immediately went Oh no!  It’s cancer!  Or deep vein thrombosis!  Or DVT!  Or diabetes!  Oh God, I’m going to have to have my foot amputated!  Oh well.  Back to the gym tonight.  If I have to get my foot amputated, I might as well enjoy being ambulatory while I can.  ;) 

I’ve been thinking a lot about home and interior design lately.  Ideally, I would like to get a lot of things in our apartment redone and changed before Jesse’s mom comes to visit but really, I don’t think we’ll have time.  I’ll be lucky if we can actually make the third bedroom look nice for her (the problem with it is that one of Jesse’s co-workers decided to give us a couch and a chair — between the two of them they take up what feels like half the room and I really want to get rid of them sometime, especially as the couch is missing two cushions).  I do think that at some point we’ll strip and refinish the awful dining room table and chairs (I’m thinking a cream or maybe a yellow although I’m not wedded to either, then with hand-painted details on the carved parts).  I’d also like to change the colours in our bedroom (my old duvet cover is starting to fall apart anyway and I’d like to switch to a matelasse quilt) which may mean stripping and repainting the chest of drawers, dressing table and mirror.  After that… there’s so much I’d like to change.  We finally got the last of our pictures hung on the wall so at least that’s not bugging me anymore.  But I wish we could paint the walls and I’d love to recover the chairs. 

That’s about all that’s going on today.  Busy, busy, busy — there’s lots of work to be done and working out to do later.