Oh wow, guys.  That gym?  Best idea ever.  I can honestly say this is the best gym I’ve ever belonged to.  I spent most of my workout last night on this thing called a Trek-Mill.  It’s supposed to simulate walking up a mountain — it’s got a lot of spring at the higher inclines and is really fun when you jack the speed all the way up and jog it.  Nothing quite like jogging up a mountain!  Then there was this other one that looks like an elliptical but the foot plates move from side to side.  Getting the rhythm was a bit tricky but I think that will be one of my favourites.  I love having those options as I hate, hate, hate, HATE treadmills.  I’ve never understood people who can hop on a treadmill and run to nowhere.  I can totally get why the original treadmills were used as a brutal form of punishment in Victorian prisons — I especially feel that way when there’s a miniature TV screen right in front of my face while I’m trying to work out.  So, between those two machines, ellipticals and the indoor track (7 laps to a mile rather than 13 so it feels less like running in circles), I’ll never have to get on one of those devices again.  I still really want to try a bunch of their classes but will have to take a closer look at the schedule and figure out when I can get to them. 

Now for today’s bento!  Pretty soon, I think my bentos are going to move over to Schizodigestive as part of the “how to save money by not eating out for lunch every work day” series.   Today, I have more riceless sushi rolls in the smaller compartment (which didn’t photograph well this morning — I was in a hurry).  Today’s are filled with spinach, alfalfa sprouts, microgreens, shredded carrot, snow peas and cilantro with peppery cannelini bean spread as a binder.  In the larger compartment, there’s half an avocado sprinkled with lime juice sea salt and pepper on a bed of alfalfa sprouts.  The middle is filled with edamame tossed in sweet chili sauce and then there is more edamame and cherry tomatoes to fill the gap. 

I’m rather excited about all of the avocadoes I’ve been seeing lately.  They look so fabulous and they’re such a great source of good dietary fats, plus four of them are pretty cheap at Trader Joe’s.  I had half of one last night for dinner with a faux-burrito (spinach and sprouts, a bit of leftover grilled tilapia, tomato and a bit of shredded cheddar on a whole wheat wrap with hot sauce and 0% Fage — I really do like Greek yogurt in place of sour cream). 

Still looking for a new digital camera.  I just don’t know exactly what I want.  Officially I want a Canon digital rebel Xsi but I don’t really want to pay at least $849 (the lowest price I found for a kit online) right now.  I’m still looking around and am thinking about a Canon PowerShot (8.0 megapixels at the very least but I’d rather have 10 or 12.1) but just don’t know which online stores to trust.  I just don’t want to end up going with a place that has a lower price but ends up causing me a huge hassle.  Then again, there’s always the new 12mp Olympus Stylus.  I just don’t know what to do!  I have a feeling I’ll keep using my old camera until I die, despite the fact that it’s wholly inadequate.  It was great when I bought it about four years ago but the technology has changed so much that I feel like I’m dealing with a dinosaur and a cranky one at that!