It’s bento-time! After not making one on friday, I really wanted to have a little bit of fun with today’s bento. I also wanted to use up some of the produce that I just had to get at Trader Joe’s this weekend. So, in the large compartment I have a muffin cup of carrot and edamame salad (tossed in sweet chili sauce and lime juice), a kiwi, two green apple slices and blackberries. The larger compartment features some jasmine rice with furikake (just a very traditional one — nori, sesame seeds and spices) topped with senbei flowers. Then there’s a small border of grilled green bell pepper (leftovers from last night’s dinner — Jesse grilled short ribs and chicken sausages and I grilled tilapia, portabello mushrooms and bell peppers). Finally, there’s some of last night’s grilled tilapia (I marinated it in a touch of olive oil, the juice from two limes, sea salt, black pepper and a big handful of chopped fresh cilantro) on a bed of baby spinach and alfalfa sprouts, topped with tiny cherry tomatoes.

We didn’t really do as much as we’d planned this weekend. We did tour (and sign up for) the gym on friday after work. It looks like a nice place and it’s pretty inexpensive for how much they offer. We’re going after work today to get our cards and test out some of the equipment. We ended up not going to hear Jeremy’s band play as we were both pretty tired. We’re going to have to get to do that sometime though — I feel bad that we keep staying home when he plays. But… here’s the really sweet thing that happened on friday… Jesse bought me a bike! This bike, in fact. Yes, he spoils me. Now to make sure I actually remember how to ride!

Saturday was mostly spend deep cleaning and reorganizing the apartment (apparently it only gets really clean when I do it). We also did some shopping — groceries, tennis rackets, a basketball and I finally snagged a Le Creuset baking dish at Marshalls. I’m going to have to stalk that place for more as I’ve been in love with Le Creuset for as long as I can remember. It was actually really exhausting; I was definitely ready for bed that night!

Oh, but sunday was the most fun! We woke up early-ish that morning and actually made breakfast — egg muffins! We got to use up the end of the feta and lots of fresh basil from my plant. So, that’s another new recipe that I tried and enjoyed. We also have a bunch in foil packets in the fridge so we’ve got leftovers for this week. Then we did a bit more organizing and went out to hit the Bath and Body Works sale (I promise, mom! I didn’t buy anymore lotion. But we were running low on body wash!) — I’m sure we’ll be back another day when they put things on a better clearance and have new specials. After that, we went off to the park where Jesse started teaching me to play basketball and I started teaching him to play tennis. I actually made a couple of shots (although I’ve still got a LONG way to go before I’m any good) — I just can’t believe that I never really learned to play. Basically everything I remember from gym class was just wrong. And then of course there’s the fact that since I didn’t show immediate aptitude for the sport my teachers just sort of gave up on me and let me suck. We also got a couple of decent volleys going on the tennis courts. It’ll be nice when we can play an actual game but for now just getting out there and working on it (and chasing balls all over the place) is good enough for me.