Hey guys? 

I really hope I’m not jinxing myself but I think I may have some very good news at work.  My boss seems very interested in hiring me on permanently, sometime within the next week.  And apparently he’s been hearing good things about my work so I don’t have an excuse for freaking out about perceived lack of a work ethic anymore.  It would be comparable in pay but include all the benefits, 401K and all that.  So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hope that you will too. 

No bento today as Jesse and I have errands to run during lunch.  I figure we’ll just grab a quick bite somewhere. 

Today’s really busy so I don’t have much to say, really.  Plans for the weekend include touring the gym, going to see Jeremy’s band play, running a bunch of errands, planning the menu for when Jesse’s mom comes to visit and hopefully doing a test run and a ton of things I am probably forgetting.  Jesse wants to buy us new bikes (hooray for Target!) and I sort of want to get my hair cut.  I am torn though — I honestly can’t decide if I want my fringe back.  I know I want to keep the length (sorry, all my short-hair-fans!) and the wave but… hmmm… I’m having dreams of my long fringe and pieced-out wavy layers.  I just can’t find a short hair cut that I really think suits me and my personality.  Again, any pictures of cuts I should get are welcomed!