Heeeeeeere’s your daily bento update! 

Okay, so it’s not particularly pretty today.  I didn’t make my bento last night as I ran out of time and threw it together this morning when I was almost tempted to stay home because of cramps.  Honestly, why do my insides feel the need to attempt to claw their way out for at least a week every month?  I try so hard to be nice to them and I don’t deserve this!  Okay, yes, there is no baby for them, I realize that this apparently disappoints my body but this just seems ridiculous. 

Anyway, today there are mini pitas from Trader Joe’s, cut in half and filled with alfalfa sprouts and sundried tomato hummus.  Then there is cucumber salad with sprouts, microgreens and fresh cilantro tossed in lemon juice, sea salt and black pepper.  I also packed a silicone cup of red lentil soup, a bit of 0% Greek yogurt with cilantro and half a kiwi.  Now I’m just hoping I will actually feel like eating when lunchtime rolls around. 

We went out to Kennedy last night for a happy hour that one of the vendors was throwing for Jesse’s department.  Dinner ended up being calamari, ahi tuna, the broccoli no one wanted from the fondue and a few gin and tonics.  I love how much free stuff he gets, especially since I get to reap the benefits without having to do his job! 

When we got back to the apartment, someone was parked in my spot!  I know that sounds a little overly dramatic, but the spots are reserved and numbered.  I wanted to leave a nasty note but decided to go for a coldly polite, pointed note instead.  I was going to try to watch out the window to catch whoever it was but got distracted by The Teaching Company classical music course that my dad has let me borrow.  Thank you so much, dad!  I can’t wait to work my way through it! 

Today feels like it is just dragging on forever.  It’s full of my least favourite task (I’m not exaggerating — there are at least 150 of them and while they are not complicated they are time-consuming) and there are the aforementioned cramps.  Lovely.  I think going home after work and taking a hot bath and a nap may be in order.  Then I think I am going to cook at least one new thing for bentos and to freeze.  Mine have looked quite similar the last couple of days! 

Also, I’m going to follow Sara’s lead and link you over to Schizodigestive.  Eventually we hope it will be housed at its own shiny domain but for now we’re sticking with WordPress.  Seriously guys, it’s going to be fun!  Come on over, bookmark it and keep checking back!