Here’s my bento for today!  I’m actually kind of hungry, just knowing that it’s in the refrigerator, waiting for me.  I ended up getting these adorable Hello Kitty stackable bowls at our local Tokyo Discount store last night and thought that today was the perfect time to try it out.  Don’t be too worried — they’re not as big as they look and everything in them is vegan and extremely healthy.  Up in the top left, there is a bed of alfalfa sprouts with a tablespoon of hummus and cherry tomato halves surrounded by Trader Joe’s mini pitas, quartered.  In the top right bowl there’s a cucumber salad; I julienned the cucumber and tossed them with cut-out spinach flowers and some frozen edamame then topped it all with lemon juice and a light splash of miso-mustard dressing.  The lower right bowl features half a kiwi, propped up by frozen raspberries and blueberries.  Finally, the bowl on the lower left contains the leftovers of my Syrian red lentil soup, topped with cayenne pepper and fresh cilantro. 

It looks like the food blog with recipes, tips and techniques, photographs and other things shared by me and Sara is actually going to happen.  I’m hoping we can occasionally recruit a few guest bloggers but we still need to work out all the kinks.  Thinking about getting a domain for it — you can get pretty good prices and that’s actually on my mission101 list so I can justify it as getting one of my goals out of the way.  I’m really excited but kind of baffled at how fast this is moving.  I mean, I’ve never thought of myself as a foodie. 

Yes, kids, it’s confession time.  I am, apparently, a closet-foodie.  I’ve been denying it for years, usually citing my habit of having cereal for dinner.  I mean, people who eat bowls of cereal and Subway veggie wraps and tuna sandwiches can’t POSSIBLY be a foodie, can they?  Foodies don’t eat fast food and they always insist on actual meals and they really LOVE eating and three-quarters of the time I don’t.  Maybe it’s something that’s snuck up on me gradually; I used to be all “oh, just plop it on my plate/in my bowl, it’ll end up looking the same anyway” and now I dream of beautiful presentations — delicately twirled nests of pasta, uniformly julienned vegetables, assortments of bright colours and sauce swirled and dotted rather than just splashed on top.  I make my own sushi and gyoza, am going to make pasta, yeasted breads, sorbet, paneer and yogurt.  I want to grow as much of my own produce as possible and have my own shiitake mushroom log.  I want to learn about wine pairings, both traditional and unexpected but fascinating.  Now, I even cook for just myself (the horror)!  In my weaker moments, I still hold onto a childhood dream of being a chef or owning my own inn or bed & breakfast, just so I can cook for people.  Maybe one day. 

I think I’ve come to terms with my status.  I do, however, prefer the term ‘epicure’.  Foodie just sounds too cutesy for me. 

Anyway, watch for the blog.  It’s coming soon!