I wish I could say that there are a lot of fascinating things happening in my life right.  I could tell you that, but it would be a lie.  Work is extremely busy right now and there’s way more catching up to be done than I like.  I am trying to find a way to create positive change in my life and realizing that there are not as many hours in the day as I would like.  I’m on an endless struggle to keep the apartment organized. 

Organizing!  Mostly I am trying to make sure that we can find things.  And that we don’t waste food because we can’t see it in the refrigerator.  And making sure that clothes are not on the floor.  And that we don’t aggravate the beetle-problem.  None of this seems so hard, right?  Why then, does it seem to morph into this giant battle where I am racing around moving things around in the refrigerator and pantry, placing them according to height (smallest in front) and expiration date?  Now I think I’m going to get really obsessive because I am sure I saw a mouse this morning.  I know this doesn’t really say anything about my housekeeping as the little buggers could get in under the front door.  Still, we need to keep the mice at bay, particularly since they can carry the plague. 

I just feel like if we can’t manage to keep things organized and in their proper places, there isn’t much point in doing anything fun to decorate the apartment.  And that really disappoints me as right now I’m dreaming of sanding down the hideous oak dining table and chairs we have and painting them a fun, bright colour — maybe yellow.  And I’m lusting over fabrics and wanting to recover the chairs in something not stained.  But if the table’s just going to be covered in mail all the time I don’t really see the point.  And if we never use the dining room table then, again, what’s the point?  I’m probably just being cranky — I just have all of these images of how I want things to look and feel and I keep falling short.  One day I am going to find a way to orchestrate and direct my life perfectly but I feel like this is not the right time, no matter how much I wish it was.

I am doing my mission101 tasks and they are getting a little bit easier.  It’s a lot of change all at once but I think that, in the end, I am really going to be very happy with what I’ve chosen to attempt and the progress I’ve made.  It is just very hard to try to add all of this stuff into my days. 

Last weekend was a lot of fun.  I got a little bit too drunk on Saturday but managed to wake up without a hangover.  On Sunday, I baked ice cream cone cupcakes to take with us on the boat trip.  We actually almost didn’t make it on the boat trip (Google Maps gave us HORRID directions) — when we got to the house where we were meeting, everyone else had left.  On our way out of the subdivision, however, we spotted an Omaha license plate.  We figured that it couldn’t hurt and decided to follow it, finally catching up with the group at a gas station.  Eventually, we made it out to Echo Bay at Lake Mead and picked up our pontoon boat, loaded up and headed out into the bay.  It was the most gorgeous day, sunny and in the low-80’s, definitely a bit breezy but gorgeous.  There’s a brilliant contrast down at the lake between the clear aqua of the water and brilliant red of the rocks.  We listened to music, sunbathed, ate and fed tortilla chips to the ducks that kept hanging around for treats.  I managed not to get sunburned but I can’t say the same for Jesse. 

I don’t quite know what’s going on yet this weekend.  We were thinking about finding a nice spot for a picnic and lying around outside for a while.  If we’re going to do that, I sort of want to get a kite.  We’ve been seeing them in the neighbourhood park quite frequently and it’s really making me want to fly a kite. 

p.s. I saved the basil and rosemary.  I’m not so sure about the thyme and oregano.  I don’t know if they’re just pickier or if I really did something wrong here.  Anyone know what I should do for my poor, sad little herbs?