as a plant murderer.  I am so sorry, guys.  Seriously.  Actually, I may be calling myself a murderer a little bit too soon but I have not checked my basil, thyme, oregano and rosemary in two days and it is SO dry here.  TWO DAYS.  I might go home at lunch today as I’m doing my first two-day fast for Mission101 and don’t need my lunch break.  Still, I am so incompetent at this whole having-a-green-thumb thing. 

I’m doing pretty well with my Mission101 so far.  I’ve been keeping up with the daily tasks and have gotten some great offers of help (thanks Tim for the hiragana and katakana practice games, thank you Mom for the offer of books and Teaching Company courses and thanks Jesse for wanting to do some of this with me).  I’ve put together a list of the books and Criterion Collection DVDs that I want to read and watch and am coming up with ways to get my hands on most of them.  I looked through my patterns last night, checked my art supplies, sorted through recipes and bookmarked new ones.  I am trying to get organized for this so I don’t make it harder than it has to be.  I am, however, becoming more aware of the enormity of the task I’ve undertaken.  There is a LOT of stuff on that list.  I think I’m going to have to keep reminding myself that no one is going to come and punish me if I fail a few tasks or start something and don’t quite manage to finish in the time limit.  Whatever happens I’m still extremely excited to work on this. 

Tonight is for cleaning the apartment and my daily yoga, perhaps a walk with Jesse, fasting (decided to do my monthly 2-day right now), maybe watching a movie and doing some writing.  Tomorrow we’re getting off work at 1pm for Memorial Day which is excellent as a box of things I ordered (kitchen supplies from that Japanese dollar store I found — all things we need at a much better price) is arriving and will need a signature.  Then, we’ve got a three-day weekend which will feel amazing.