It’s 107 degrees outside.  Oddly enough, I didn’t find it all that hot when I went outside for lunch today.  Granted, I wasn’t sitting in direct sunlight (forgot to wear sunscreen today and fear the wrinkled, leather look) but still, it was such a lovely dry heat.  At least this gives me hope that I’m going to make it through this summer without having a heat-induced nervous breakdown. 

The one thing that does seem to go along with the heat is not being interested in food at all.  This is more of a problem than it seems.  I don’t fix meals because nothing sounds good and I end up robotically munching tortilla chips later.  Not exactly nutritious even though they are from Trader Joes.  So, in order to combat this, I’ve come up with a solution: Bento!  God, I remember bento boxes fondly from my childhood.  They always looked so pretty in the display cases.  Anyway, I bought a box, belt, set of chopsticks and a chopsticks holder from Ichiban Kan which is supposed to arrive tomorrow.  Then, Jesse and I went over to check out a couple of Japanese markets after work where I got two more bento boxes (one red Hello Kitty one because I was being nostalgic and a green set that included a two-tiered box, a larger one-tier box and a utensil set with a fork, knife and chopsticks) and he bought me one (with the Cinnamoroll character — revoltingly cutesy — and a set of pink chopsticks and a case that sort of match).  Then I picked up a pack of silicone muffin cups which are great for keeping flavours separate.  It’s probably silly but it actually makes me want to pack a lunch and they’re small enough that I don’t end up wasting food because I’m just not hungry.  I made my first one this morning — three miniature baked falafel patties (Jesse ate one) on a bed of spinach, a few cherry tomatoes, a small muffin cup of edamame and a small muffin cup of homemade tzaziki sauce. 

I have a feeling that it’s going to be a long week.  We had a fun but not particularly relaxing weekend and I just don’t quite feel rested enough to start the week.  On friday night we split a bottle of wine, hung around the pool and relaxed for a while.  Saturday morning we went into the office for four hours — Jesse had a ton of work to do and the UA I’m working with just took over a busy region so I wanted to get his task queue down a bit.  We checked out a local kabob place for lunch where I had yogurt soup and Jesse tried lamb for the first time.  After that, we went to the outlets for a few hours where Jesse bought me a pair of shorts and a few tops at J. Crew (don’t I have the best boyfriend ever?!?) and I picked up more of my MAC exfoliant.  Saturday night was spent at The Rox where our friend’s bands were playing.  The were awesome, for the record, and Shanda and I might jam sometime.  We have very different voices but I think it would be fun.  Hopefully I still actually have a decent singing voice.  Sunday was mostly spent recuperating from Saturday night.  I cleaned the apartment (mostly), baked falafel, ran errands and did some reading (I’m thoroughly enjoying Hermann Broch’s ‘The Death of Virgil’). 

It’s a busy time right now, honestly.  I know I probably should post more but there’s just so much going on at work and at home.  Hopefully things will settle down in the next few weeks.