Let me pull the excitement levels back a bit.  I feel like I shouldn’t be this excited about having fresh herbs since, unlike Sara, my herbs didn’t require any effort on my part.  All it took was a swipe of my debit card at my local Trader Joes.  Oh, hey, have I mentioned how incredibly obsessed I am with that store?  Cheap in-season produce, tons of frozen fruit for smoothies, fresh flowers, gyoza and sweet chili sauce, dried banana without added sugar or coconut oil and a house brand that is actually GOOD.  Oh, and super cheap wines ($3.99 — $5.99 a bottle) which have actually been taste-tested by their buyers and are more than drinkable.  If it weren’t for the fact that their produce selection changes from day to day, I’d never buy groceries anywhere else. 

Anyway, my herbs.  I now have a pot of fresh basil and a trio-pot with thyme, oregano and rosemary.  I know I’m going to have to separate the thyme, oregano and rosemary and put them in their own pots, but that can wait until next week.  Right now I’m simply enjoying the smell of them when I’m out on the patio.  On my to-grow list right are tomatoes, bell peppers, cilantro, dill, chives and some sort of flower.

We had a (mostly) quiet weekend which would usually bother me.  This time, it was lovely.  We went to CostCo to stock up on some stuff (generic SlimFast shakes — they’re so good for snacks!, tuna and salmon for me, mayonnaise for Mike) and I splurged and got myself a new external harddrive.  I filled up my 250GB one so I did something ridiculous — I bought a 1TB harddrive.  I justify it by remembering I have a lot of music that isn’t on my old harddrive and that I need to back up Jesse’s collection as well.  I still feel a little ridiculous, but not really.  We came back, Jesse and Mike played the new Grand Theft Auto game and I started backing up music.  I’m sure there must have been more to Saturday but I don’t think I could tell you what if my lift depended on it. 

Sunday was spent running errands and lying by the pool.  Oh, and cleaning the apartment.  Sunday just seems to be my day to clean.  I finally had time to mop everything, not just the kitchen, so our bathroom looks wonderful.  I wish these silly little domestic things didn’t thrill me so much.  We found some fun little grilling accessories and a sweet Tai Chi set and a couple of new Stott pilates DVDs at Marshalls and bought a watering can for the herbs at Target.  Sunday night, we had our most successful grilling-night ever.  We did corn on the cob which I brushed in a mixture of olive oil, sea salt, black pepper and basil, a piece of salmon marinated in a sesame garlic glaze for me and hamburgers for the boys. 

Today, at work, I’m playing the role of Crystal, our hyper-productive amazing office coordinator.  Here’s the deal: I hate playing Crystal.  I don’t really know what I’m doing and people keep asking me for more things that I just can’t figure out.  So, I’m mostly sitting up at the front desk, looking cute and trying to juggle my own work with all of the little surprises that keep popping up (like the new hires who don’t know where to go and the Colonial Life Insurance guy who is having long one-on-one sales pitches with some of the employees and trying to figure out how to schedule conference rooms and wondering why on earth a guy who no longer works here just received seven massive packages).  I can’t wait until tomorrow when I can be back at my desk. 

Oh, and I just found out that Jesse and I are going out on a boat with the rest of the underwriting department on Memorial Day!  At least there’s a bit of good news mixed in with the general chaos that is today. 

I wish I had something more interesting to write about today.  I’m just trying to keep myself in the habit of writing something, anything, or I feel like I’ll just quit for another two or three weeks.  This is why you all end up reading about my errands and apartment-cleaning escapes.  Now I get to tell you that I really want to go running this afternoon and I really, really, really want artichokes for dinner.  I am truly sorry for making you read this. 

p.s. I just have to brag.  I got my mother this for Mother’s Day.  I am so awesome, seriously.