Really, I’m only two days late writing about our weekend and it’s just because I have a bunch of awesome, psychedelic pictures to post. 

We started the weekend at Jun’s House, a Korean restaurant near our apartment.  Jesse really wanted to try it and I thought it might be interesting.  I ended up with some really excellent spicy squid and vegetable concoction.  Also, I discovered that I don’t hate kim chee although I did think it would be spicier.  The best part was that it came with these delicious bean sprouts. 

Anyway, after we stuffed ourselves full of food, it was back home to get dolled up to meet Roxanne and Sunny at Poetry.  It was a great night — a girl Roxanne knows who’s on one of the radio stations around here was having her birthday there.  Lots of shots, sort of overpriced but still delicious.  It’s not exactly my type of place but everyone ended up having a good time.  Jesse and I ended up staying longer than we’d thought and finally passed out around 3am. 

On Saturday morning I woke up craving… BRUNCH.  That meant that a trip to Sunrise Cafe, our favourite neighbourhood brunch place, was required. 


Delicious looking, huh?  I thought so too (well, except the capers — you’ll notice that they all ended up getting picked off)!  They have awesome smoked salmon there.  Half the time I end up getting a smoked salmon egg white omelette but couldn’t quite handle the thought of that much food. 

After brunch, all three of us (Mike, Jesse and I) went to Sunset Station to see Iron Man.  Let me just tell you right now that I thought it was awesome and I’m not a comic book fan.  At all.  I don’t “get” superheroes or justice leagues or anything like that.  Then again, Jesse brought up the point that what I really don’t like are super-natural powers and the whole rags-to-riches story.  I do, however, like awesome technology and money, which is why I like Batman.  Seriously, Iron Man was a total techno-gasm.  I’d see it again just for the helper-robots in Stark’s lab.  Anyway, awesome movie but the audience was full of the most irritating people I’ve ever had the misfortune to be around.  Honestly, I get laughing.  I get whispering.  I get having to explain something to a kid.  However, do the rest of us really need to hear you parrot everything and say exactly what just happened in the movie at the top of your lungs?  There were a couple of times that I really wanted to turn around and slap the guy behind me — he would not shut up! 



Sunset Station’s really pretty interesting looking.  The bottom two are part of the ceiling above one of the bars. 

After the movie, we dropped Mike off at the apartment and Jesse and I went off to The District to ride the carousel and hang out at the art fair and wine walk.  One day I’m actually going to buy us tickets for the wine walk, preferably before it’s 110 degrees at night.  However, we didn’t plan far enough in advance this weekend so we just watched.  We rode the carousel with a bunch of utterly adorable children and some drunk teenagers.  I have to admit, carousels always bring me back to my childhood.  When I was little and we were travelling around Europe, my parents must have taken me to every little fair, carousel and ferris wheel in existence.  Merry-go-rounds with my parents are one of my fondest memories.  That being said, this one may not be in Europe but it is very cool-looking.  I have a ton of pictures of it in this flickr set but wanted to post a few of my favourites here. 



After our whirl around on the carousel, we walked over to the other side of The District.  We spent some time people-watching and window-shopping (okay, we went inside a few places and I tried on some things I couldn’t bring myself to buy — I wish I didn’t love Anthropologie so much!) and finished off the night listening to the musicians who were playing that night. 

We slept in late on Sunday, finally getting up to clean the apartment.  The rest of the day was pretty quiet — Jesse and I went grocery shopping and had frozen yogurt (peach with fresh strawberries!), I did some writing, we hung out by the pool and spent the evening grilling.  Portabello mushrooms for me, Italian sausage and marinated chicken breasts for the boys, then there was fresh sweet corn and a spinach, tomato, basil and mozzarella salad splashed with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. 

p.s. We’re really cute!  Except my hair’s at that awkward growing-out point where it’s just not as flattering.  People, what should I do with my HAIR?