Happy May Day, gentle readers!  (Why on earth am I writing like Miss Manners?)  It’s a beautiful, if a bit cooler than I’d like in the low-70’s, day in Las Vegas.  It’s been a quiet day at work — I’ve been verifying experience modifications all day and thinking about how lovely it would be if the weekend was already here. 

I’ve been reading about various May Day celebrations in different parts of the world.  I think, out of all the countries I’ve read about today, I’d like to be in France.  Apparently their tradition is to give ladies a spray of lily of the valley in return for a kiss.  That’s always been one of my favourite flowers. 

Also, my endlessly supportive mother has urged me to write more.  I see no reason not to do this, especially as it seems to make people happy.  I’ll always post things in my poetry archive but wanted to know if any of you would find it easier if I also posted pieces here.  Right now I’m just focusing on getting back in the habit of writing so I don’t promise anything particularly good but I probably will be reminding myself of various forms.

I am looking forward to this weekend.  Jesse and I are hoping to catch up with our friends Jeremy and Shanda.  We’ve also got plans to go out to Poetry on Friday with co-workers — it’s not set in stone but we’ll probably end up there.  Personally, I’m looking forward to spending some time lying out by the pool and getting a little bit of sun.