I’ve been informed that I’ve been absolutely dreadful about keeping the blog updated.  That’s absolutely correct.  I can’t believe how long it’s taken me to update since the last entry.  I could blame it on being busy with the new job or on having nothing to write about since we haven’t been doing much.  Honestly?  I’ve just been lazy. 

Today marks the beginning of my third week at my new job.  I know I didn’t really give any details on what exactly I’m doing now so I thought I’d fill you in.  I now work at an insurance company that does worker’s compensation for small businesses.  I’m up in Underwriting as an Underwriter’s Assistant (UA).  Most of what I do includes keeping up with documentation required on a policy but can include anything from e-mailing reminders to proof-reading policies before issuing.  It’s actually a lot more interesting than it sounds.  I’m learning a lot about an industry that most people tend to know nothing about (beyond the stereotype that all insurance companies want is to rip people off).  I’ve got a fabulous boss, fun co-workers and a great environment.  Also, most of my co-workers apparently think that I look exactly like Brooke Shields in her younger, just-post ‘Pretty Baby’ era (sort of the “nothing gets between me and my Calvins” era).  Randomly, I remember how much I used to HATE being told that when I was a kid and now it just thrills me to no end. 

We haven’t really been doing much the last few weekends.  In fact, we’ve spend most of our time at home which has definitely gotten to me a bit.  I’m hoping we can start to reverse this pattern as of next weekend as I REALLY need to get out and explore a bit.  Anyway, that’s enough complaining out of me.  We actually got a good deal done this weekend.  We took Mike to a career fair on Saturday morning and wandered around the outlet mall while he was there — I got a new white shirt for work to replace the one that is finally just too big to look nice and a pair of dressy shorts since it’s actually starting to get warm here.  We also cleaned the apartment (which included vacuuming up a TON of beetles — apparently beetles are a big problem in the valley and, when our apartment complex sprays around the outside of the buildings, they crawl inside to die) and picked up some staples at CostCo.  I got some sewing done (yes, I’m trying to start again — I really miss having a hobby) and we got a few more of the super-weapons in Samurai Warriors.  All in all, it wasn’t an exciting weekend but it was pretty nice. 

Anyway, I promise I’ll be better about updating this from now on and I’ll have more to write later.  I just wanted to pop in with an update about the job and to reassure you all that I’m not dead. 

p.s. I just realized that I’m rambling.  I’ve been feeling sort of puke-y for the last few days and that always distracts me and keeps me from making sense.  It’s probably just from too much caffeine and not enough sleep but, ugh.  I’m just sitting at my desk, getting work done bit by bit, slowly sipping a mug of hot water and hoping that by the time lunch time comes around I’ll actually feel like getting a smoothie.  If this keeps up I know I should probably find a doctor but I feel sort of lame going in and saying “well, I’m tired basically all the time and I’m vaguely nauseous most of the time and it’s really making my life sort of annoying.  Nothing’s “wrong” really, just annoying.” 

p.p.s.  I just realized that my last edit makes me sound pregnant.  I’m not pregnant.  I may be living in sin but trust me, I’m not pregnant, so don’t go getting any ideas in your head.