Oh gosh, I guess I really have been gone for a while!  Apologies all around.  It’s been a busy-ish week — Jesse and I went hiking out at Grapevine Canyon again on Sunday.  It was fabulous, we definitely got a lot farther than last time and I’m looking forward to more of these days.  We also managed to find a Wii on Sunday which was a big plus.  Our gym workouts have had to go on hold for a little while as there was a fire in our apartment complex’s front office which apparently caused smoke damage in the gym.  All the receptionists have had their desks moved right outside the door until the fire marshal clears the office so they can reopen.  I’ve been feeling vaguely sick most of the week so have taken the opportunity to do a lot of reading and a bit of writing.  I am, however, hoping that it passes and doesn’t screw up the weekend.

Anyway, I promise I will get back to doing bigger entries soon, but I just wanted to pop in for a quick announcement:


Yes.  I start Monday morning.  At least I don’t have to worry about never getting a job any more.  I’m very excited and grateful to have something to do with my days again.  Being in the apartment and running errands does get a bit old.  Although I will sort of miss playing Wii Sports during the day.