In this entry I asked you guys to ask me questions so I could actually have a topic to write about. Today’s question is “how much of a vegetarian are you these days and why?”

That’s an excellent question. I would, however, like to start out by disclosing that I am not, nor have I ever been, a vegetarian. I have always been a pescatarian (I eat seafood but not any sort of red meat, pork or chicken) and have generally tried not to misrepresent myself as a vegetarian. I only occasionally called myself one in Nebraska after calling myself a pescatarian got the response, “oh really? What church is that?” It seemed like an appropriate response to dietary questions coming from people I would never actually have to eat around. I’m actually quite baffled by the people I’ve met who believe that pescetarianism is a form of vegetarianism — vegetarians do not consume any sort of meat so that would see to exclude fish. And calling it ‘semivegetarianism’ is just absurd. You either are or you aren’t.

I don’t actually know why I eat this way. Although I respect other people’s views that eating meat is morally wrong, that’s not how I feel. I don’t equate eating meat with murder and only occasionally joke about dead pig when good friends are cooking bacon. I ate meat growing up — probably not to the degree that many Americans do — and I liked most types. Around my sophomore year in college, however, I had basically stopped eating non-seafood meat entirely. It may have been that eating meat-based entrees meant that I had to spend more time in the cafeteria. It may have been that the mystery sauces on meat freaked me out. It probably had a lot to do with living in the same building as the cafeteria and having to that heavy, greasy meat smell in the air all the time. I don’t know the exact reason, but I do know that I had transitioned to living on raw vegetables, lots of grains, sushi and tofu.

At this point, I eat this way because I enjoy it. I’m one of those people who honestly does love most fruits and vegetables. Sure, there are some that I just won’t touch (grapefruit, most cabbage and watermelon, to name a few) but generally I’ll eat and enjoy anything as long as it’s not drowned in butter or oil. I also love fish — sashimi-grade ahi tuna and smoked salmon on a sandwich will always make me happy. I noticed the couple of times I tried to go fully vegetarian that I actually missed the taste and versatility of seafood and I didn’t miss it in the way that I occasionally miss chicken because it would give me a cheap option at restaurants besides “oh, you don’t eat meat? Here, have a plate of sad-looking iceberg lettuce, topped with a couple of shredded carrots, drowned in ranch dressing. You might find a few pieces of bacon in there but we don’t care because your dietary needs are ‘complicated’.”

These days, the amount of seafood I eat depends on the week. There are some weeks where I eat some form of seafood at least once a day (salmon flaked into an egg white omelette with tomato and spinach, wasabi-tuna salad on crackers, grilled shrimp kabobs, cajun catfish) — and I have a feeling those weeks are going to become more frequent as the whole household is going to try to eat more fish. Then there are the weeks where I don’t have any because, honestly, I’m lazy. Those are the weeks where I would gladly eat kashi with soy milk or miso soup for every meal because it’s easy and requires no thought whatsoever.


Well, I hope you enjoyed that little piece. Now, it’s time for the… Weekend Update!

We didn’t actually do much this weekend. On Saturday, Jesse and I went down to the Strip to play tourist. We only wandered through four casinos (Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Excalibur and New York New York) as we didn’t want to get overwhelmed and thought we should save the others for another day but we still managed to have a lot of fun. I indulged my inner seven-year-old with rock candy sticks from Excalibur’s candy shop. We lounged on a bench for a while marveling at people’s fashion choices and behaviour — I’m still baffled by the number of people who take newborns to Las Vegas. It seems like taking a newborn to Disneyland. Why would you do it? The kid can’t remember anything and the streets are busy enough that hauling a stroller and diaper bag just seems like unnecessary punishment. After being catty for a while, we went off to conquer the New York New York roller coaster. For a small coaster, it’s actually not too bad. The worst part about it is probably that it’s quite bouncy — my shoulders are still a bit sore from slamming bone into the harness. You do get to go upside down and there’s a nice drop off the side of the building. Anyway, we both survived and I think I might even get Jesse on another one with me.

We were supposed to go hiking on Sunday but decided to take it easy instead. That was probably just as well.

On Monday I had another job interview, this one with Jesse’s company (in another department, thankfully). I think it went very well. Apparently I rocked the Wonderlic Test and the woman at HR told me that both the supervisors I interviewed with were impressed. It’s a temporary position to start out but the feeling I got from all three people was that they would like the person they hire to become permanent. It’s definitely an interesting prospect and they’d like to hire someone soon so I’m keeping my fingers crossed (and hope you will as well).

The rest of this week looks to be full of errands and little things. Mike has his follow-up appointment tomorrow so I’m taking him to that. I have to meet with a UNLV adviser. Jesse and I kind of want to get out of the apartment a couple of nights to do fun things so I have to do some research about our options. We’re planning a small party for some of his co-workers so I have to cook a couple of things and see if they make the menu. Then, this weekend, we’re going to a shooting range on Saturday (I know, I know, but I’ve always wanted to learn to shoot) and are going hiking this weekend (we’re thinking about going back to Grapevine Canyon, this time with the goal of making it up past the rock that conquered us).