Psssst, readers!  Listen to me for a second.  You can’t actually design your own pair of Converse All-Stars at my blog.  I promise.  No matter how many times you Google for various forms of the phrase “my own Converse designs on a shoe”.  What you really want to do is click on the link to Converse’s actual website.  There, all your dreams will come true.  Also, I love all the “I want to design my own shoes” comments but I will continue to delete them.  We all have wants and needs but I just can’t help you.

I feel like most of this week has slipped by me.  Sure I did laundry, cooked, cleaned the apartment and reorganized things, ran errands, applied for jobs, worked out, did a lot of reading and a bit of writing and made an appointment to talk to an adviser at UNLV next week but somehow I feel like I was lazy.  Then again, I can hardly imagine a week so full and productive that I wouldn’t feel lazy so it seems that the problem is on my end, not life’s.

We haven’t quite finalized any plans for this weekend but there are several things on the agenda.  I still sort of want to go to the big outlet center near the Strip (because they have a L’Occitane and I could be perfectly happy just standing in that store daydreaming, even if I didn’t buy a thing) and I’m thinking we might make it there because Jesse and Mike both want to go see the Strip.  I’ve been a few times before but have never taken many pictures down there so I think that would be fun.  Jesse and I are also thinking about going for another hike — probably one a bit closer to home this time but hopefully just as beautiful.

Unfortunately I don’t have a whole lot to say today so I think I’m turning that over to you.  What do you want me to write about?  Ask a question or give me a topic.  It doesn’t need to have anything to do with Henderson or daily life.  I could just use a push in the right direction.