1) Mike got released from the hospital Thursday evening. I probably should have posted a quick update to say so but we were too busy going to pick him up. At least that’s my excuse.

2) Jesse got out of work early on Friday and came with Mike and me to pick up him prescriptions and schedule his follow-up appointment at the University Medical Center. The whole afternoon was pretty crazy, really. Somehow, the instruction sheet that told us exactly where to go and in what order got misplaced so we were guessing, incorrectly of course, and wandering aimlessly through the halls for what felt like hours. Eventually everything got done and we learned a valuable lesson: When dealing with Social Services, don’t expect ANYTHING to work out in a logical manner. I was a bit stressed by the time we got home so Jesse and I went out for sushi. The place we went was okay, not great, but it was nice to get out of the apartment.

3) Saturday was spent running errands (going to Costco) and at the Galleria mall. I have to admit, I dislike malls more and more each time I go in them. At least this one had a Macy’s and a Forever 21 to play in.

4) Sunday was the highlight of the weekend. At around 9:30, Jesse and I drove down US-95 to Grapevine Canyon. We spent the morning hiking, climbing up rocks, taking pictures of the petroglyphs and generally being completely awestruck.

There are many, many more pictures in this flickr collection.

After we got our fill of Grapevine Canyon (although we’re definitely going to go back and explore further), we headed into Arizona to a little town called Oatman. Oatman is what the guidebooks call a “living ghost town”. There are abandoned mining buildings and structures all over, they have mock gunfights during the day and main street is full of kitschy, touristy shops. The neatest thing about Oatman, however, are all the wild burros. They’re actually incredibly tame to the point that they’ll stand right in the way of your car and beg for carrots as you’re driving through town.

For more photos of Oatman, check out this flickr set.

I wanted to bring a burro home with us. I really did. I mean, we have a third bedroom! Why shouldn’t it serve as a burro-habitat? Then I thought that the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (who are in charge of them) probably wouldn’t take kindly to me stealing one of them. Anyway, after petting their soft muzzles and cooing over them for a while, we headed out towards Kingman, AZ. It’s not that there’s anything all that fascinating in Kingman as far as I can tell. It’s that, to get there, we got to drive on this great old section of route 66. It’s a fabulously twisty section of road up through the mountains. Half the time there’s no guard rail but there are tons of pull outs so I could stop and take pictures.

See more of the places where we DIDN’T go over the edge of the cliff here.

Finally it was time to head home. Our route took us through Hoover Dam (and what felt like 3, though it was probably under 1 and a half, hours of traffic).

Some of the other pictures in this set show the seemingly endless lines of traffic that we waited in.

That was our weekend. There are a ton more pictures to explore if you’re up for it (including family pictures and ones from other trips — I finally got around to uploading my old memory cards and organizing my sets and collections so have a look). I’m about to go pick Jesse up from work and then we’re going to go work out before cooking dinner (he’s grilling a steak, I’m making spinach and tofu red curry).

(Alicia and Jesse, signing off!)