Mike’s still in the hospital. Jesse and I have been going at least once a day (more than that over the weekend). Basically, they’re keeping him until he can keep his oxygen levels about 93 without additional oxygen. We’re hoping he’ll be out tomorrow but I think Wednesday might be a bit more likely.

We’ve been trying not to get too stressed out. Tried a new sushi place on Saturday night which was okay but not great. We’ve played A LOT of Samurai Warriors because it’s mindless and repetitive. We finally gave the apartment a good cleaning on Sunday morning and everything looks a lot better. Then, on Sunday, we also found what may be the best place ever. There’s a little shop near our apartment called The Cupcakery. Now, I am not really a sweet person and definitely not a cake person, but these are amazing. I got a Lemonberry and Jesse got an Oh My Gosh – Ganache! This place could be dangerously addictive.

Today the movers arrived with some stuff that we agreed to store for one of Jesse’s co-workers. We have his couch, chair and ottoman, TV, coffee table and dining room set. Apparently we get to keep the dining room set, the TV and possibly the chair. I need to make a set of covers for the dining room chairs but otherwise, it’s all in pretty good shape. And really, since it’s free, I have no room to complain about anything! I also managed to reorganize a couple things that have been bothering me and break the top of one of the lamps trying to juggle a phone call, directing the movers and taking shrink wrap off the table. That will teach me to multi-task.

Still no job but I’ll admit to putting that on the back burner while we were coping with Mike being in the hospital. Tomorrow I’m going to take my car into the dealer and hope that they can actually give it its’ overdue 3,000 mile check-up. Also on the agenda is getting a library card, locating the DMV, finding a new doctor and lowering the bike seat so I can go for a nice, long ride tomorrow.