Well, the last day and a half certainly haven’t gone as I expected them to. Last night the plan was to make some noodles with red curry sauce, play some video games, do a bit of reading and go to bed relatively early. Then, Jesse had a company meeting today and we were going out with some of his co-workers later.

We spent a lot of last night at the local ER. Jesse’s brother, Mike, hasn’t been feeling well for the last week and a half or so. At first he thought there was still cat fur on some of my stuff (unlikely since the cat never lived at my apartment), then that he was catching a cold or something. But he’s had a lot of trouble breathing and was relying on this OTC inhaler. Honestly, we should have caught this almost a week ago and made him go to an urgent care center or something. Anyway, we ended up taking him to the ER where they shot him up with epinephrine and some sort of strong anti-inflammatory and started breathing treatments. He stayed in the hospital overnight and it looks like he’s going to be there again tonight.

There’s not much else to say. We’re worried but I think everything’s going to be okay and we can deal with it. So, if that seems to be at the front of my mind lately, that’s because it is.