It seems to get harder to come up with present ideas as you get older. It’s not that there aren’t as many things I want (oh, if anything, there are even more things I want) but they’re all things that I’d feel bad asking for (a larger external harddrive to hold all my music, a mountain bike, a full-size cuisinart, a smoothie-maker with all the bells and whistles, etc.) or are just frivolous and wanting them embarrasses me (clothes, make up, shoes, perfume, all The Simpsons DVDs, etc.).

I was having a really hard time this year until Jesse sent me to where you can design your own shoes. It was mind-boggling. I must have spent hours on the website, pouring over colours (“pink! yellow! pink AND yellow with ORANGE LINING!!! oh wait, there’s GREEN. ummm, baby? am i a blue person or a purple person?”) and styles, basically being an indecisive wreck.

I finally decided to be sort of practical but still have fun. That was over a month ago. We had them sent to my parent’s house since the estimated delivery date was right when we were in between apartments.

Today, they arrived in Henderson, right at my doorstep.

So, Happy VERY Belated Birthday to me. I have an amazing family, wonderful friends and the best boyfriend ever who actually encourages my shoe addiction (I am hoping he can avoid becoming the dictator of an island nation because of it but I’m not holding my breath).

(I still want pink, yellow and orange ones. Maybe high tops. I guess it’s a good thing we have that third bedroom!)