Here’s how my job search is going.

1) I had my first interview today. It’s with a very small law firm (one attorney, five people total in the office). It doesn’t pay that well and it is pretty far away. On the other hand, everyone seems very nice and there are benefits. They’re still conducting interviews but they seemed interested. I’m not sure I’d take it though — it’s about a half-hour commute each way and, with the price of gas, probably wouldn’t be worth it.

2) I’ve probably sent my resume out to about 30 prospective employers and have gotten five responses. I find that a little disheartening but I keep telling myself that that is probably pretty normal. It’s not like I have so much experience that I leap off the page and they must have a ton of applicants.

3) I applied for this too-good-to-be-true sounding personal assistant ad last night. Offering great benefits, hiring bonus, really high salary. Wanted a picture. I sent my resume and cover letter along with a nice headshot, thinking that it was a little odd but understandable — if I were hiring a personal assistant, I’d want someone I could stand to look at. I got a reply which stated, in entirety, “Will you work topless?” Oh, Las Vegas. You crazy, crazy town.