Long story short. This weekend didn’t go quite as planned. Jesse and I were both pretty tired on Friday night so we skipped the dive bar. Thankfully, it sounds like Shanda’s band plays there frequently and we should be able to catch more of her shows. On Saturday Jesse woke up with a migraine so we mostly hung around the apartment — we watched some Arrested Development (which is actually a pretty funny show), went out to the newly-opened swimming pool and got a tiny bit sunburned and read in the hammock. Then, we went to this Peruvian and Chinese restaurant called ‘The Little Dumpling’ which has intrigued us since we first saw it two weeks ago. It was really excellent except… we got the seafood platter and I ate a mussel. I didn’t mean to eat it but it worked its magic anyway. The rest of the night was pretty much killed and I wasn’t up to hiking on Sunday. Our hiking partners do go pretty frequently so I’m not worried about not getting to go but I do still feel pretty stupid. I suppose I should be thankful I’m only moderately allergic to them.

I spent today sending out my resume to more companies. I finally got a bite — a law firm that wants to hire a receptionist pretty quickly. I’m going out for an interview tomorrow at 2:00 so any good thoughts would be lovely. It’s not my first choice as it’s pretty far away (about a half hour commute one way) but it does have medical/dental/vision benefits so I’m keeping it on the list. Now, if some of the other places would get back to me!

It’s getting a bit warmer here which just makes the allure of the hammock, the pool and long after-dinner walks even more appealing. If you’ll all excuse me, I think I’ll head out to the pool right now until it’s time to go pick Jesse up from work.