We are back up and running with a solid connection. That’s not to say that we’ve been totally offline and that I’ve been updating from a public library, but I have been stealing wireless from my neighbours and feeling guiltier and guiltier about it every day. A couple of guys from Cox showed up about half an hour ago and got our apartment connection set up with what seemed like no effort at all. It makes me wonder why Jesse talking to seven Cox representatives was so complicated. Maybe you have to get the guys with powertools to get anything done.

Still no luck on the job front although Gap did say that they’d be interested in me once they’re hiring for full-time positions. I’m trying to keep busy so I don’t think about it, organizing the apartment, cleaning, working out, making vegetarian sushi, finding little shortcuts so I don’t have to get on I-215 everytime I want to go somewhere. I know I’ll land a job sometime even though it’s not happening immediately, but I’ll admit that it does scare me. Then again, if worse comes to worse I can go work at a gas station or something. It’s definitely not at the top of my list but I know I could do something like that.

Jesse and I have some big plans for the weekend already! One of our friends, Shanda, has a band which is playing at a little dive bar on Friday night so we’ll be heading out to that. Then, we want to go hiking with Shanda and her boyfriend, Jeremy, at Ice Box Canyon, although I’m not sure what day that will be. I do know that it’s supposed to be absolutely beautiful so I’ll definitely be returning with photographs! Also up on the agenda are another trip to Chinatown (we got there too late last Sunday to really explore all of it) and, hopefully, getting down to the Strip. I’ve been a couple of times but Jesse never has and it’s such a fun place to people watch.

Speaking of photographs, I PROMISE that they’re coming. My last job for today is to find the right USB cord that will let me get them off my camera and onto my computer. I know it’s here someone, I just don’t know which one it is. One day I’m really going to have to label all of these things before they drive me slightly nutty.

I’ve been thinking of all of you a lot lately and hope that everything’s going well in your lives. And, now that I have the internet back, feel free to e-mail! I’d love to hear from any and every one of you.

p.s. I found the USB cord so there are photos. Knock yourselves out.

First, the apartment was empty…

the living room/dining room

the living/dining room area

the third bedroom with me in the mirror

the third bedroom with me in the mirror

the kitchen/built in desk

the kitchen and built-in computer desk

master bedroom, mostly showing off our deck access

master bedroom, mostly showing off our deck access

Then there were boxes…

Now it’s starting to feel like home…

the front entryway with the accent wall

the front entryway with the accent wall, showcasing one of my favourite pieces of art

the pool which is basically right outside the door

the POOL! which is so close to our apartment it’s crazy. it’s also not open yet.

the new hammock on our deck

the new hammock on our deck — it’s not as cramped as it looks

our current dining room -- yes, we still have books in boxes

the dining room with our makeshift table (we’re getting a real dining table). and yes, we still have books in boxes

the living room which I can never seem to keep tidy

the living room which did not photograph brilliantly. also, i feel like i’m constantly picking it up and still failing to keep it tidy.

a glimpse of our bedroom -- i don't have a bedside table so i'm using totes full of gym clothes

our bedroom (and my laptop).

the walk-in closet, which i am trying SO hard to keep organized

our walk-in closet which i’m actually attempting to keep organized

I didn’t manage to get any other pictures but I think there’s plenty of time for that. This, at least, is a little peek into our lives.